The Advanced Surveying certificate at Cincinnati State, offered in cooperation with Northern Kentucky University, is for graduates of the Civil Engineering Technology—Surveying Option (CETS) or other related associate’s degree programs, and serves as the third year of a bachelor’s degree program at Northern Kentucky University or the University of Cincinnati.

The certificate program has been approved by the State Boards of Registration in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Most courses in the certificate are offered through online education, including classes in geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and legal topics.

Students should check with their state licensing board for possible changes to specific requirements before taking any coursework.

Graduates of other associate’s degree programs must complete all prerequisite material in the Cincinnati State CETS program prior to acceptance into the certificate program.

Prospective students must meet with the certificate advisor prior to admission to the program.

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Program Chair

Career Outlook

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Enter the fourth year of a bachelor’s degree program with Northern Kentucky University
  • Enter the Bachelor of Applied Administration program at University of Cincinnati - Clermont

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Surveyor (after completion of a bachelor's degree)

Graduate Employment Outlook

Employment of surveyors is projected to grow 10 percent through 2022. Employment growth will result from increased construction related to improving the nation’s infrastructure. Job opportunities are expected to be excellent.

$56,230 median annual salary

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

Education Options

Transfer History

  • Northern Kentucky University
  • University of Cincinnati - Clermont


Effective 2020-2021 academic year

Advanced Surveying Certificate (ASC)

Program Prerequisites: Graduate from the Cincinnati State Civil Engineering Technologies Surveying Option, or complete comparable coursework. Meet with the certificate advisor prior to admission to the program.

Most required courses are offered via online education.

Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
CET 267 Surveying Laws and Ethics 4 0 4
CET 277 Survey Calculations and Statistics 4 0 4
CET 266 Surveying History in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana ( T) 4 0 4
Semester 2
XXX XXX Science Elective 3 0 3
Semester 3
CET 287 Geospatial Surveying 4 0 4
Total Credits: 19 0 19


Science Elective
BIO 131 Biology 1 5
CHE 110 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
CHE 121
& CHE 131
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 1 Lab
EVS 120 Environmental Geology 4
LH 130 Woody Plant Materials 3
PHY 152 Physics 2: Algebra and Trigonometry-Based 4
PSC 105 Astronomy 4
PSC 110 Earth Science 4

Note: Students seeking Surveyor Registration in Indiana must complete (or have previously completed) these courses: MAT 251 (Calculus 1), and six semester hours from the following areas: Freshman Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, or Dendrology (Woody Plants).

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