The Sustainable Agriculture Management Certificate program leads to career opportunities in specialty crop growing operations, farmers’ markets, and other urban agriculture initiatives.

The program is designed for completion in one year (three semesters) as a full-time student. Students are involved in continuous hands-on learning at a local farm throughout the program.

Coursework includes soil and plant science, detailed production of specialty crops, and an introduction to raising small animals, along with the financial, marketing, and management skills needed to successfully run an agriculture business.


Program Chair

Heather Augustine
MS, LEED Green Associate

Career Outlook

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Grow fruit, nut and vegetable crops in our area
  • Design, implement, and manage sustainable agriculture systems
  • Create a business plan for a food production related business
  • Market and manage a food production related business
  • Manage small livestock including bees, poultry and fish
  • Manage agricultural crop pests sustainably

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Horticulturist
  • Farm Manager/Farmer/Producer/Grower
  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur Food Production

Graduate Employment Outlook

The local food industry is booming, with an increasing need for entrepreneurs and workers in this area. Traditional horticultural businesses are adding agricultural products and services to meet consumer demand.

$25,000–$40,000 annually

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

Education Options

Transfer History

  • University of Cincinnati
  • Wilmington College
  • Xavier University
  • (These institutions award credit for many of the certificate courses)


Program Chair

Heather Augustine
MS, LEED Green Associate


Effective 2023-2024 academic year

Sustainable Agriculture Management Certificate (AGRC)

Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
AGR 100 Introduction to Urban Agriculture 2 3 3
LH 120 Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 2 2 3
AGR 150 Fall Production 0 6 3
ACC 101 Financial Accounting 2 2 3
Semester 2
AGR 105 Vegetable Crop Production 2 3 3
LH 110 Applied Botany 2 3 3
AGR 155 Spring Production 0 6 3
MKT 1XX Marketing Elective 3 0 3
Semester 3
MGT 120 Entrepreneurship 3 0 3
AGR 135 Fruit and Nut Production 2 3 3
AGR 140 Farm Ecology Management 2 3 3
AGR 160 Summer Production 0 6 3
Total Credits: 20 37 36


Marketing Elective
MKT 105 Marketing and Customer Relations 3
MKT 130 Principles of Sales 3

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