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Apr. 22-23, 2019

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Paralegal (PAR)


The Paralegal degree program prepares students to become Paralegals, also known as Legal Assistants. While earning an Associate of Applied Business degree, students gain knowledge and skills required to assist attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals in many legal practice settings.

Students learn to investigate facts, conduct research on legal issues, interview clients, organize and evaluate case materials, draft legal documents, and communicate effectively with legal professionals. Students also gain knowledge of substantive and procedural law, concentrating on the most prevalent areas of legal practice.

In addition, students gain understanding of legal office procedures, time management, and organizational skills.

Cooperative education experience provides practical hands-on training to help students begin a career as a Paralegal.

Program Code



Employment Options

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Assist attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals in many legal practice settings

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

$26,000 - $46,000 annual salary

Employment Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 17 percent increase in jobs for paralegals through 2022, which is faster than the average for all professions. Opportunities are expected to grow as law firms attempt to lower expenses by using the cost-effective services provided by paralegals. Employment opportunities for paralegals in Cincinnati are very good.

Education Options

Representative Co-Op/Clinical/Intern Sites

  • Dinsmore & Shohl
  • Frost Brown Todd
  • Keating Muething & Klekamp
  • Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss
  • Magelaner & Associates

Co-op Salary Projections

$9/hr - $12/hr


Effective 2018-2019 academic year

Paralegal (PAR.AAB)

First Year
Semester 1LecLabCredits
ENG 101English Composition 1 ( G) 303
IM 165Legal Office Environment ( B) 303
LAW 101Business Law ( B) 303
FYE 1XX First Year Experience Elective (B)  101
IM 11X Computer Elective (B)  223
MAT 1XX Mathematics Elective (G)  303
Semester 2  
BUS 190Professional Practices ( B) 101
ENG 105English Composition 2: Business Communication ( G) 303
IM 130Electronic Word Processing: Microsoft Word ( T) 233
LAW 130Estate Planning, Family and Probate Law ( T) 303
XXX XXX Legal Specialty Elective 1 (T)  303
Semester 3  
LAW 291Full-Time Cooperative Education 1: Legal Assistant ( T) 1402
XXX XXX Management/Marketing Elective (B)  303
Semester 4  
ACC 101Financial Accounting ( B) 223
IM 225Legal Transcription and Formatting ( T) 233
LAW 120Legal Research and Writing ( T) 223
XXX XXX Social Science Elective (G)  303
XXX XXX Legal Specialty Elective 2 (T)  303
Semester 5  
LAW 292Full-Time Cooperative Education 2: Legal Assistant ( T) 1402
Semester 6  
LAW 210Litigation ( T) 223
LAW 290Paralegal Capstone ( T) 233
XXX XXX Legal Specialty Elective 3 (T)  303
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Elective (G)  303
Total Credits:  549763


First Year Experience Elective
FYE 100College Survival Skills1
FYE 105College Success Strategies2
FYE 110Community College Experience3
Computer Elective
IM 111Computer Applications 13
IM 112Computer Applications 23
Mathematics Elective
MAT 111Business Mathematics3
MAT 115Pre-Statistics3
MAT 131Statistics 13
MAT 151College Algebra4
Management/Marketing Elective
MGT 101Principles of Management3
MGT 105Human Resource Management3
MGT 120Entrepreneurship3
MGT 130Project Management3
MKT 101Principles of Marketing *3
MKT 110Sales and Customer Relations
Legal Specialty Electives (9 credit hours required)
ACC 115Accounting Software Applications: Sage (Peachtree)1
ACC 121Computerized Bookkeeping: QuickBooks 11
ACC 122Computerized Bookkeeping: QuickBooks 21
CRJ 105Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 135Criminal Law3
HIM 105Legal Aspects of Health Information Management2
IM 120Electronic Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel3
IM 135Business Document Formatting3
IM 150Electronic Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint3
IM 155Emerging Technologies and Social Media3
ITP 130Legal Issues of Deafness1
LAW 110Employment Law3
LAW 140Copyright and Trademark Law in Entertainment Industries3
LAW 150Bankruptcy, Debt Collection and Secured Transactions3
LAW 160Administrative Law Practices and Procedures2
LBR 105Introduction to Labor and Employee Relations3
NDR 100Introduction to Negotiation and Dispute Resolution3
RE 105Real Estate Law3
Arts/Humanities Elective
Any Transfer Module course from ART, LIT, MUS, PHI, REL, THE, or COMM 1303
Social Science Elective
Any Transfer Module course from GEO, HST, LBR, POL, PSY, SOC3

The letters G, B, and T (displayed after course titles or elective descriptions) identify types of courses required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education as part of an associate’s degree curriculum.
G = General Education course in this curriculum
B = Basic Skills course in this curriculum
T = Technical course in this curriculum


Program Chair
Laura Drake, JD
(513) 569-1547
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