Safely Staying On Track at Cincinnati State

Campus Safety Policy – Effective August 15, 2022

Cincinnati State appreciates the efforts of our students and employees to maintain a safe campus environment.

  • Protocols for what to do if you test positive or are exposed to COVID remain in effect for students and College employees. These steps are described below in the section “If You Are Feeling Sick.”
  • Based on the current CDC assessment of community risk level, masks are recommended, but are not required, on Cincinnati State campuses– except in some skills-based labs where students are practicing lab techniques, and for those returning to campus after testing positive or being exposed to someone with COVID, as described below in the section “If You Are Feeling Sick.” 
  • We recognize that some may choose to continue to wear a mask when they are on campus. Please support and respect individuals who choose to wear masks.
    • Masks are available if needed and/or desired from various locations on Clifton Campus and on all other campuses

COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be highly effective. If you are not vaccinated or have not obtained related vaccine boosters, we urge you to do so. The more of us who are vaccinated (and boosted, when applicable), the safer our community will be.

Safety Policies
If You Are Feeling Sick

Please download this flowchart for guidance if:

  • you test positive for COVID-19
  • you have symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • you were in close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more during a 24-hour period)

More about getting a COVID-19 test or obtaining free at-home test kits: Visit

More about obtaining free medication if you test positive for COVID-19: Visit (site maintained by U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services)

COVID Dashboard

COVID-19 cases reported by Cincinnati State students/employees as of Sep. 19, 2022

(Dashboard updated on Tuesday each week)

Fall 2021

Week Reported Cases: Students Reported Cases: Employees
Aug 30-Sep 5 0 (0%) 1 (0.15%)
Sep 6-11 7 (0.13%) 0 (0%)
Sep 12-18 5 (0.09%) 2 (0.30%)
Sep 19-25 3 (0.05%) 2 (0.30%)
Sep 26-Oct 2 11 (0.2%) 0 (0%)
Oct 3-9 7 (0.13%) 1 (0.15%)
Oct 10-16 3 (0.05%) 1 (0.15%)
Oct 17-23 4 (0.07%) 0 (0%)
Oct 24-30 3 (0.05%) 0 (0%)
Oct 31-Nov 6 2 (0.035%) 0 (0%)
Nov 7-13 3 (0.05%) 1 (0.15%)
Nov 14-20 3 (0.05%) 1 (0.15%)
Nov 21-27 3 (0.05%) 0 (0%)
Nov 28-Dec 4 6 (0.11%) 1 (0.15%)
Dec 5-11 2 (0.035%) 1 (0.15%)
Dec 12-18 2 (0.035%) 1 (0.15%)
Dec 19-25 No classes – Winter break 1 (0.15%)
Dec 26-Jan 2 No classes – Winter break 3 (0.44%)
Jan 3-9 No classes – Winter break 9 (1.33%)

Spring 2022

Week Reported Cases: Students Reported Cases: Employees
Jan 10-16 No classes – Winter break 9 (1.33%)
Jan 17-23 15 (0.38%)*** 15 (2.5%)
Jan 24-30 14 (0.35%)*** 3 (0.5%)
Jan 31-Feb 6 7 (0.17%) 5 (0.83%)
Feb 7-13 2 (0.05%) 1 (0.17%)
Feb 14-20 3 (0.08%) 0 (0%)
Feb 21-27 1 (0.025%) 0 (0%)
Feb 28-Mar 6 1 (0.025%) 0 (0%)
Mar 7-13 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
Mar 14-20 2 (0.05%) 0 (0%)
Mar 21-27 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
Mar 28-Apr 3 1 (0.025%) 0 (0%)
Apr 4-10 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
Apr 11-17 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
Apr 18-24 0 (0%) 2 (0.33%)
Apr 25-May 1 0 (0%) 1 (0.17%)

Summer 2022

Week Reported Cases: Students Reported Cases: Employees
May 2-8 No classes Not available
May 9-15 1 (0.06%) 2 (0.38%)
May 16-22 0 (0%) 1 (0.19%)
May 23-29 0 (0%) 1 (0.19%)
May 30-June 5 4 (0.25%) 3 (0.56%)
June 6-12 0 (0%) 1 (0.19%)
June 13-19 1 (0.06%) 1 (0.19%)
June 20-26 3 (0.19%) 0 (0%)
June 27-July 4 4 (0.25%) 2 (0.38%)
July 5-11 3 (0.19%) 2 (0.38%)
July 12-18 1 (0.06%) 1 (0.19%)
July 19-25 2 (0.125%) 2 (0.38%)
July 26-Aug. 1 0 (0%) 2 (0.38%)
Aug. 2-8 1 (0.06%) 2 (0.38%)
Aug. 9-15 1 (0.06%) 2 (0.38%)
Aug. 16-22 1 (0.06%) 1 (0.19%)
Aug. 23-29 No classes 0 (0%)


Percentages calculated based on 1,594 students taking Summer in-person classes and 529 Summer employees

Fall 2022

Week Reported Cases: Students Reported Cases: Employees
Aug 30-Sep 5 3 (0.074%) 1 (0.13%)
Sep. 6-12 3 (0.074%) 2 (0.27%)
Sep. 13-19 9 (0.22%) 0 (0%)

Percentages calculated based on 4,036 students taking Fall in-person classes and 738 Fall employees

Pre-COVID and During COVID
Percentage of Courses Delivered in Each Format

Delivery Format*Fall 2019Fall 2020Fall 2021Fall 2022

*College Credit Plus sections taught at high schools not included

Vaccination Incentive Programs

During Fall Semester 2021 and Spring Semester 2022 Cincinnati State offered Vaccination Incentive Programs for students.

Learn about the Employee Vaccination Incentive Program (offered in Fall Semester 2021)

College Response to COVID-19 Concerns

Since March 2020, a special response team at Cincinnati State has monitored and addressed COVID-19 concerns as they evolve. The College follows guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Health and county Departments of Health. We collaborate with neighboring institutions of higher education as well as city and county governments.

In-person and remote services are provided on all Cincinnati State campuses. For details on service hours and remote service options, check the College web page for each service.

For Fall Semester 2022, the College offers many classes and services in-person while also continuing to provide remote options for courses and some services.

Cincinnati State remote learning formats for classes include:

  • Web (WEB code when you register) – Courses are 100% online to give you flexibility to complete coursework at times your schedule permits. You need a computer and the internet but will not be required to use live audio and video streaming.
  • Web Hybrid (WHYB code when you register) – Courses are 100% online, with occasional required “real time” participation using live web-conferencing such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate. You need high speed internet and a computer capable of supporting live audio and video.
  • Live Web (LIVW code when you register) – Courses are 100% online with extensive required “real time” participation using live web-conferencing such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate. You need high speed internet and a computer capable of supporting live audio and video streaming.
  • Live Web Hybrid (LIVH code when you register) – Courses combine some required in-person lecture or lab activities, and some required “real time” participation using live web-conferencing such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate. You need high speed internet and a computer capable of supporting live audio and video.

To prepare for remote classes, students should consider enrolling in Cincinnati State’s Online Orientation Workshop. This self-paced activity takes 1 to 3 hours to complete.

  • Log into Blackboard/MyServices, look for the “Tools” on the top left side of the page, and click the link “Student Bb Resources”

Experiential education courses (co-op, internships, clinicals) will follow guidelines set by employers or site supervisors. For questions, talk to your co-op coordinator or program chair.

Other Operational Guidelines

  • On-campus activities, events, and meetings must adhere to current COVID precautions, as applicable.
  • The College reserves the right to decline to reserve space for a proposed activity, event, or meeting that fails to meet current COVID precautions.
Resources for Students – Fall 2022

Laptop Purchase or Loan

Borrowing a Computer

Students registered for Fall Semester 2022 can borrow a laptop computer from the College at no cost, on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies are limited.

To borrow a laptop, first log into MyCState/Blackboard, then find the eForm “Student Technology Loaner Program.”

  • To be eligible, students must be registered for Fall 2022 semester classes.
  • Allow 2 days for form processing. When approved, you will receive an “eForm Approved” message via Cincinnati State email.
  • Laptops can be picked up on Monday through Friday (on days the College is open) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., in ATLC Room 315.
    • The student who reserved the equipment must pick it up in person
    • Be prepared to show your College ID or driver’s license
  • For help completing the eForm, call (513) 569-1234.

Purchasing a Computer using Financial Aid

Students who qualify can use their financial aid to buy a new laptop computer directly from the Cincinnati State Bookstore.

Please note:

  • Depending on the type and amount of financial aid you are awarded, your financial aid may cover all or part of the cost of a laptop computer and required software.
  • If you wish to use financial aid to purchase a computer immediately, you must buy the computer recommended by your program from the College Bookstore.
  • Purchasing computers from other vendors (not the Cincinnati State Bookstore) is covered by financial aid only if you wait to make the purchase using “excess” financial aid refunded to you after tuition and fees are paid. Financial Aid refund checks are sent after the semester begins.
  • Computers purchased using financial aid cannot be returned for a refund unless the package is unopened.
  • Consult a Financial Aid advisor for more information.

Course and Lab Fees

Cincinnati State lab fees (and when applicable, other course fees) support the additional costs associated with providing a laboratory setting for a class, including equipment, materials, software, maintenance, and consumables used in the lab.

  • When classes with lab activities use a remote delivery model, lab fees cover some costs related to using newly-developed remote methods for instruction in these courses.
  • Students will receive full academic credit on their transcripts for classes completed at Cincinnati State, whether class activities are in-person or use remote instruction.
  • Therefore, lab fees are assessed as applicable for all classes.

Parking Fees

In Fall Semester 2022, parking fees will be in effect for garages and gated parking lots on Clifton Campus. For more information, visit the Campus Parking page.

Remote Student Support Services

Some support services are available remotely, using phone, email, and/or online connections such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate.

Remote services include:

If you can’t find information for the support service you need, contact:

Soni Hill, Senior Director of Student Success & Student Development
(513) 569-4215

COVID-19 & Vaccine Resources

City of Cincinnati Department of Health

Hamilton County (Ohio) Department of Health

Ohio Department of Health

Ongoing Communications
  • Students and employees should check your College email frequently for messages and updates
  • If you have questions, please send them to
  • You can sign up to receive special notifications by phone, text message, and email at CState Alert

If you need more information about staying on track in your degree or certificate classes, please reach out to your advisor or program chair.

Email to students re: COVID-19