The Workforce Development Center (WDC) provides training for healthcare professions, and for those looking to start a career in Emergency Medicine as a first responder. Many programs can be directly applied to degree and advanced certifications.

Offering short-term credentials and certifications, customized training, and assessments, we train face-to-face either on our campus or at your site. We also provide a combination of online and hybrid (face-to-face and online) learning options.

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Erin Sarvis, AAS, NRP, EMS-I
Program Coordinator – Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician certificate covers the skills needed to provide the first level of pre-hospital care in the Emergency Medical Services system. An EMT is prepared to care for patients at the scene of an accident or illness and while transporting patients by ambulance to the hospital. The EMT has the skills needed to assess a patient’s condition and manage medical and trauma emergencies. EMT’s are also able to work for private ambulance transport companies as well as in hospital emergency rooms in various roles.

Paramedic Anatomy and Physiology

This is a pre-requisite course designed for students preparing for the Paramedic Program. A course on the structure and function of the human body. Topics include medical terminology, cells, tissues, and human organ systems. Class meets one night per week.

Paramedic Certificate Program

A certificate program that expands on the knowledge and skills of the Emergency Medical Technician to provide advanced life support care of the ill or injured patient. The paramedic is the highest level of pre-hospital care provider and is widely sought after by fire departments and EMS services. Job opportunities are also available in hospital emergency rooms.  The curriculum follows guidelines approved by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS, and meets terminal objectives for the entry-level paramedic as outlined in the National Emergency Medical Services Educational Standards. The Paramedic Program, along with the pre-requisite Paramedic Anatomy and Physiology supplies half the credits necessary to obtain an Associate degree in either the Paramedic Science or Management major.

WDC offers a variety of continuing education options in Emergency Medicine to help prepare individuals to maintain their current credentials or gain new skills to advance in their careers.

Safety is key in the Workforce. The Workforce Development Center’s Center for HazMat Rescue and Safety offers training that are OSHA mandated to help protect organizations and employees.

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