Student Relief Donations

Donate to Student Relief Funds to support student needs

  • Emergency assistance for shelter, food, medicine, and other basics.
  • Technology needed to help students stay on track with their college studies.
Why Donate?

Many Cincinnati State students walk a financial tightrope. Often, the difference between a student graduating or dropping out comes down to the support they receive at a critical juncture during their college experience. Your gift could mean everything to a Cincinnati State student trying to meet their educational goals during challenging times.

Student Retention Focus

Provides financial assistance to students at risk of dropping out because of unexpected financial setbacks, like loss of a job, a health crisis, transportation and child care costs, or hardships with rent or utilities. Funds are paid directly to the vendor (for instance, doctor, landlord, child care provider, utility company, etc.)

Eligibility: Student must be taking at least 9 credit hours with cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Must submit FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to Office of Financial Aid to determine financial need.

Charles E. Schell Foundation Loan

An interest-free loan program, designed as a pay-it-forward fund to help qualified students to secure a practical education that, without the loans, may not be otherwise attainable. Funds can be applied to tuition and fees or paid directly to a vendor.

General Student Relief

Provides financial assistance to eligible students in emergency situations if funding is not available through other emergency funds and/or College financial and payment plan arrangements.

Eligibility: Assistance is provided based on need

Ways To Donate

  • Online: Click Donate now to make your tax-deductible gift to the Cincinnati State Foundation. 
  • Mail: Write a check to “Cincinnati State Foundation” noting the purpose of “Student Relief.” Mail to Cincinnati State Foundation, ATLC 352, 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223.
  • The Student Relief Funds disperse assistance to students through the Student Retention Focus Fund and the Student Remote Learning Technology Fund.


Elliott V. Ruther, Chief of Institutional Advancement & Cincinnati State Foundation Executive Director
(513) 569-1451