Cincinnati State instructor publishes YA “fantasy adventure” novel

Daniel “D.G.” Sloop, an adjunct instructor in Cincinnati State’s English Department, is the author of the recently published young adult novel Shade and the Dual Hatchets of Darkness, a contemporary urban fantasy.

The publisher, Pegasus Press, describes the novel as “a captivating tale of magic, mystery, and the power of determination that will leave you eagerly turning the pages, craving more.”

Daniel "D.G." Sloop
Daniel “D.G.” Sloop

The book introduces you to “Shade, a determined Shadow Relicant, who leads a resourceful group on a thrilling quest: to restore the Council of Eight and save the realm from a sinister foe. With his and his companions’ unique abilities, Shade battles formidable adversaries and uncovers hidden strengths while confronting the haunting secrets of his past.”

You’ll find Daniel’s book on Amazon in paperback and ebook format, and it’s available from other online and traditional bookstores, too.

Daniel started working on Shade and the Dual Hatchets of Darkness in fall of 2018. This semester, he’s teaching English Composition 1 at Cincinnati State, and also working on more books in his planned series of fantasy adventure stories, as well as other writing projects.

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