Cincinnati State students can use financial aid to purchase college-recommended computers

Starting with Fall Semester 2020, Cincinnati State students have two options to obtain computer equipment:

  • Purchase a “CState Recommended“ laptop at the College Bookstore (using financial aid funds, if qualified)
  • Borrow a laptop computer and/or Wi-Fi hotspot from the College

Purchasing Computers:

Students can buy a laptop computer recommended for their major directly from the Cincinnati State Bookstore.

Financial Aid Considerations:

  • Students using financial aid to help pay for their Cincinnati State education may be able to use some funds to cover all or part of the cost of a laptop computer and required software (if applicable).
  • Students using financial aid to purchase a computer immediately must buy a “CState Recommended” computer from the College Bookstore.
    • Purchases can be made online, with arrangements for delivery to the student’s address or pick-up at the Bookstore.
    • Computers purchased using financial aid cannot be returned to the Bookstore for a refund unless the package is unopened.
  • Students who wait to use their refund of “excess” financial aid can purchase a computer from any store/vendor.
    • Fall Financial Aid refund checks will be mailed in mid-October.
  • Students should talk to a Financial Aid advisor for more information.

Borrowing Laptops and Hotspots:

Fall Semester students can borrow a laptop computer and/or personal Wi-Fi “hotspot” from Cincinnati State at no cost, on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies are limited.

To borrow a laptop and/or hotspot, students must be logged into Blackboard and complete an eForm. More information is available from your advisor.