College Master Plan envisions new uses for Clifton Campus facilities

The Master Plan for Clifton Campus includes proposals for reconfiguring interior spaces and some of the exterior access to Clifton Campus buildings over the next 10 to 20 years.

AJ Medina, Senior Architect with BHDP Architecture, provided an update on the plan during a campus meeting on December 11, 2023.

The Vision Statement for the Master Plan is “to provide a strategic and visionary roadmap to transform the physical environment into a vibrant, efficient, and student-friendly collegiate campus by engaging people with spaces that are highly accessible, and intuitive, and provide a place of belonging where one can embrace new academic programs and technologies.”

Highlights of proposed changes include:

  • Merging the offices for the Business Division, the Engineering & Information Technologies Division, and the Humanities & Sciences Division into one multi-purpose “faculty suite” on the second floor of the Main Building.
  • Planning for expansions to lab spaces for several academic programs and departments.
  • Reconfiguring the current “flagpole” entrance to the Main Building to create a more accessible drop-off area and eliminate two sets of stairs currently needed to enter the building.
  • Re-locating student resource spaces (such as the Tutoring Center, Math Center, and Writing Center) for ease of access.
  • Creating additional student lounges and “collaboration spaces” throughout campus, and reconfiguring recreational spaces such as entrances to the gym and the fitness center.

Click to download floor-by-floor maps of the proposed reconfiguration of Clifton Campus facilities.

  • Each map page shows all three Clifton Campus buildings
  • Floor “zero” is the lower level of each building, followed by maps for floors 1, 2, 3, and 4 (where applicable)

The final version of the Master Plan, including estimated costs for proposed changes, will be presented to the College Executive Team and the Board of Trustees during Spring Semester 2024.

The Master Plan proposals are the result of an extensive planning process that has been underway for several months. A variety of stakeholders have participated in the planning process by examining how Clifton Campus is currently configured and how space is being used, and sharing perspectives about possible future uses of facilities.