Computer Networking student is “cloud certified”

Steven Preston
Steven Preston

Steven Preston, a student in the Cincinnati State course NETA 120, Computer Virtualization, during Spring Semester 2022 went “above and beyond” the course requirements and earned certification as an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Practitioner.

Course instructor Tom Newman (Computer Network Administration) said, “I’m not sure if Steven is the first Cincinnati State student to earn this certification, but he’s certainly among the first.”

Earning the certification required passing a 65-question comprehensive exam to demonstrate knowledge of cloud computing using Amazon Web Services, including applications such as billing and pricing, as well as online security concepts.

Virtualization involves using software to create additional computer resources without additional hardware. Virtualization can reduce a organization’s IT expenses while increasing efficiency.

Steven said, “I was brand new to virtual machines and how they worked when I started NETA 120 and the class helped me understand why virtualization is important.”

“Cincinnati State has always been a positive environment to grow in, with students and teachers who are always willing to give a helping hand,” Steven added. “Mr. Newman pointed me in the direction of the certifications that are important in the IT field, and he and the other faculty and staff have been nothing but helpful throughout this journey!”