Nursing faculty & students advocated for mental health at County Commission meeting

A group of 23 Cincinnati State Nursing students showed support for continued funding of community mental health services by attending the July 28, 2022, meeting of the Hamilton County Commissioners.

Nursing faculty member Janice Curry was one of several community members who spoke to the Commissioners about renewing and expanding the county’s mental health services tax levy that expires this year.

Nursing students joined the standing-room-only crowd at the Commission meeting

Professor Curry said Nursing students are required to learn about community resources, and attending the Commission meeting was a unique opportunity to listen to public testimony about the important community mental health resources that are funded through the levy.

Nursing student Khadijah Kalief-Wilson said, “I was unaware of all the organizations and resources available to individuals who are homeless, mentally ill, or abused. These organizations provide people with a second chance and a sense of purpose.”

“I appreciate being able to witness up close citizens sharing their heartfelt stories with the Commissioners,” Khadijah said.

The County Commissioners voted on August 9, 2022, to place renewal of the mental health services levy on the November ballot.