Occupational Therapy students shared learning with UC & Xavier students

Students in Cincinnati State’s Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology program (OTA) worked together with students in related programs at the University of Cincinnati (Masters of Occupational Therapy) and Xavier University (Occupational Therapy Doctorate) during a collaborative learning session held February 14, 2023 at Xavier.

Occupational Therapy students collaborating during learning event

Faculty member Toni Durban, the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for the OTA program, said the four-hour meeting gave all of the students opportunities to learn about each other’s roles and responsibilities within the field (as an Occupational Therapist or an Occupational Therapy Assistant), and how to build partnerships in delivery of services.

OTA Program Chair Claudia Miller and Dean of Health & Public Safety Jenna Beck also attended the collaboration event.

The Cincinnati State students said the event was a great opportunity to build connections between OT practitioners to form stronger partnerships in the community. 

Occupational Therapy students collaborating during learning event

“I was encouraged by being in the company of so many occupational therapy practitioners,” OTA student Terese Speltz said. “It was interesting to see the contrasts in where each student was in their OT education journey and to learn how knowledge objectives differ between the roles of the Occupational Therapist and the Occupational Therapy Assistant.”

Carly Crouch shared, “I was nervous going into the session because I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be confident enough in my answers to be able to correct another student. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to articulate.”

“It was good to meet other occupational therapy students in the community and get to work with them,” Mike Schaeffer said. “It helped that we worked well together and gave each other some valuable input.”

“Overall, I enjoyed the collaboration event with the UC and Xavier OT students,” Shelina Turner said. “I viewed it as an opportunity to practice self-advocacy for the knowledge and skills I have developed so far.”