OTA students learned about adaptive technologies for cars during field trip to Mobility Works

Students in Cincinnati State’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) associate’s degree program expanded their understanding of adaptive technology for vehicles during a field trip to the Sharonville, Ohio, office and showroom of Mobility Works, a national organization that provides wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale or rent.

The mission of Mobility Works is to “provide wheelchair users with the mobility, independence, and personal freedom they desire.”

During the December 1, 2023, field trip, the students examined innovative adaptations including modified vehicles, cutting-edge assistive devices, and other intersections of technology and accessibility that improve mobility for individuals who use wheelchairs.

OTA student Jenia Alexander said, “Our field trip to Mobility Works was enlightening. I was amazed at the vehicles and all their features to make riding with a disability comfortable.”

She added, “I love how the vehicles don’t bring attention. You wouldn’t know the person in the car is in a wheelchair or disabled until they get out of the vehicle– that’s driving with dignity!”

Faculty member Toni Durban, the OTA Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, noted that the field trip also provided opportunities for the students to work on “serving as ambassadors for Cincinnati State and the OTA profession in the community.”

“The students were able to engage in demonstrations and informative sessions that showcased the vital role of occupational therapy in improving the lives of those with a disability,” Toni said. “This field trip enriched the educational experience for students and also demonstrated Cincinnati State’s commitment to preparing healthcare professionals who actively contribute to and engage with the broader community.”

Student Tori Prater added, “Visiting Mobility Works was an eye-opening experience for me as a future OTA. It brings me joy to learn there are partners like this in our community that we can help our clients connect with.”