President Posey is elected to OACC Executive Committee

Cincinnati State President Monica Posey has been selected as Vice-Chair Elect of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC) Presidents’ Council, the group that represents all 23 of the community college presidents throughout Ohio.

She will serve for two years in this role, through June 30, 2022, with responsibilities for organizational decision-making as a member of the OACC Executive Committee.

  • In 2022, Dr. Posey will move into the roles of OACC Presidents’ Council Chair and OACC Vice-Chair.
  • She will then serve for two additional years, along with Jack Hershey, OACC President and CEO, in leading the work and representation of the community college presidents on important state matters.

Dr. Posey said, “It is an honor to be elected to this role by the other 22 Ohio two-year college presidents and their Board representatives.”

Dr. Posey said the OACC Chair position always is held by a Trustee, not a president. The current Chair is Jim Doyle, a Trustee from Clark State Community College.

The current OACC President’s Council Chair is Dr. Dorey Diab, President of North Central State College.

Other OACC Executive Committee members for 2020 are Chair-Elect Alice Stephens from Stark State College, Secretary Kyle Rudduck from Southern State Community College, Dr. Vicky Wood from Washington State Community College, Past Chair Elizabeth Gates of Belmont College, and Past Vice-Chair Dr. Steve Johnson of Sinclair Community College.