“Send Silence Packing” exhibit educated about mental health & suicide prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and on September 22, 2022, Cincinnati State supported mental health awareness and education by hosting the exhibit “Send Silence Packing” in the ATLC Courtyard.

“Send Silence Packing” is a visually striking walk-through display of backpacks and stories, organized and presented by the national organization Active Minds

Each backpack in the display includes a personal story from family members and friends whose lives have been touched by suicide. Visitors were invited to walk among the backpacks, and read the stories and view the photos attached to the backpacks.  

The goal of the exhibit is to inspire action for suicide prevention, connect viewers to mental health resources, and jump-start conversations and actions that contribute to building a positive campus climate for mental health.

The “Send Silence Packing” display has traveled the country since 2008 to end the silence that surrounds mental illness and suicide, and has reached more than one million visitors with messages of hope and support.

If you have questions, contact Counseling Services Triage Coordinator Eric Smith at (513) 569-5779 or eric.smith@cincinnatistate.edu.