Speaker’s Bureau FAQ

Who can request a speaker?

Anyone! The SB serves nonprofits, small businesses, corporations, social and professional organizations, K-12 schools, etc. The SB is a resource for the entire community.

Who are the speakers? Are they certified

The Speakers Bureau consists of faculty, staff and alumni of Cincinnati State. Each speaker was selected for their expertise in their subject area, and are all appropriately credentialed. All speakers are invested in the mission of the college and have volunteered their talents in an effort to connect with the community.

How soon before we need a speaker do I need to contact the SB?

While all speakers are volunteering their time, they do have full-time jobs and professional responsibilities. While contacting us as soon as you finalize a date and venue for your event, we ask that you contact the SB at least 6 weeks before your scheduled event. If circumstances prevent you from contacting us in that time frame, we will do our best to accommodate your event.

Am I able to request a specific speaker?

Yes! Review the website for speakers and their topic areas. We will do our best to meet your needs.

What if I need a speaker for an event and the topic is not listed on your site?

While our Speakers Bureau lists a limited number of speakers and topics, we may still be able to meet your needs. If you don’t see your desired topic listed, please reach out to the Speakers Bureau to discuss further.

How much does it cost to use the Speakers Bureau?

Cincinnati State is committed to ongoing community involvement and engagement. As such, the Speakers Bureau is being provided as a community resource. The Speakers Bureau supports a scholarship fund for Cincinnati State. We ask that you make a financial contribution to our ‘I Make a Difference’ Scholarship fund, which will be used for new and returning students. We also accept in-kind services to help move the Speakers Bureau and the college forward. Honorariums for individual speakers are appreciated but not required. Please contact the Speakers Bureau for suggested contributions.

How do I request a speaker?

You can request a speaker by filling out a Speakers Request form on our website. A member of the Speakers Bureau will contact you to discuss the specifics of your event and schedule a speaker.

What obligations do I have when using the SB?

Speakers should be in comfortable environments that are safe and secure. You will be advised if your speaker requires wi-fi access, a projector screen or any other equipment needed for their presentation. After your event, we ask that evaluations are completed and returned to the Speakers Bureau within 2 weeks. You may also be asked to serve as a reference.

Is your question not addressed here? Please contact the Speaker’s Bureau at [email here]

Media Inquiries

Cincinnati State faculty and staff have advanced degrees and are experts in their fields. They are able to serve as advisors and offer insight on a variety of topics. If you need an expert for a media story please view our contacts for Media and Public Records.