Transfer Center Events

Each month we will have different college representatives available for you to speak with.

Download the PDF for functional links and an easy reference:

Before you meet in-person or virtually with an advisor/representative, please consider completing the following tasks:

  • Create a PDF or other shareable way to view your Unofficial Transcript
  • Make a list of questions you would like answered by the representative.  
  • Understand that these open virtual meetings may include other students online during the meetings or may involve you waiting in a virtual “waiting room” for your turn to chat.  It may be necessary to follow up and schedule a one-on-one phone or virtual appointment with the representative after the meeting depending upon the number of students waiting or at the representative’s request.
  • Ask questions that are pertinent to the representative’s institution. While they may be able to answer some questions regarding Cincinnati State, you are encouraged to connect with a Cincinnati State advisor.