The Additive Manufacturing Technician Certificate prepares students for positions in industries that use additive (3-D printing) technology, including aerospace, consumer products, medical, and transportation.

Students gain knowledge and skills needed to operate and troubleshoot additive equipment and use metal, thermoplastics, and other additive materials. Students also gain technical skills needed for process design and material specification, as well as thorough understanding of safety and environmental protocols required for each substrate.

Students who earn the certificate may choose to continue their education in the Applied Technology Specialist associate’s degree program.



Career Outlook

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Safely operate and troubleshoot additive manufacturing equipment (3D printers) used for industrial applications.
  • Measure and control additive manufacturing production processes.
  • Identify and mitigate hazards associated with additive manufacturing processes.
  • Select appropriate materials based on application in additive manufacturing processes.
  • Design and manage production projects for additive manufacturing.

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Additive Manufacturing Technician
  • 3-D Printing Lab Technician
  • Additive Manufacturing Finisher

Graduate Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for technicians in the additive manufacturing industry are expected to grow by about 4% to 10% through 2030.

$35,000 - $48,000

Graduate Starting Salary Projections




Effective 2023-2024 academic year

Additive Manufacturing Technician Certificate (ADMTC)

First Year
Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
MMC 105 Shop Math 1 0 1
MMO 110 OSHA General Industry Safety 1 0 1
Semester 2
MMO 111 Mechanical Plan Reading 1 2 0 2
MMO 210 Additive Manufacturing and Machine Operation Fundamentals 2 2 3
Semester 3
MMO 220 Applied Project in Additive Manufacturing 1 3 2
MMO 215 Industrial Applications of Additive Manufacturing 2 4 4
Total Credits: 9 9 13

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