The Leadership Certificate complements many degree programs. Students develop skills that apply to leadership positions in a variety of work and community environments, including skills in communication, small group facilitation, critical analysis, and problem solving.

Students who complete the Leadership Certificate gain knowledge of their own leadership styles, abilities, and outcomes through classroom activities as well as real-world leadership experiences.


Program Chair

Career Outlook

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Apply leadership skills in the workplace and other organizations, including skills in team building, communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and improving individual and organizational performance

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Varied, depending on workplace

Graduate Employment Outlook

Many employers place value on demonstrated development of leadership skills when these employers are making decisions to hire new employees. A recent Leadership Insights Survey indicated that 90 percent of employers believe leadership development should be part of every student's educational experiences.

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

Varied, depending on degree earned

Education Options

Co-op Salary Projections

Certificate does not include co-op


Program Chair


Effective 2023-2024 academic year

Leadership Certificate (LDRC)

First Year
Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
LDR 100 Introduction to Leadership 3 0 3
ENG 101 English Composition 1 3 0 3
XXX XXX Social Science Elective   3 0 3
Semester 2    
XXX XXX Communication Elective   3 0 3
LDR 120 Inclusive Leadership 3 0 3
XXX XXX Self-Leadership Elective   3 0 3
Semester 3    
XXX XXX Leadership Theory Elective   3 0 3
LDR XXX Practical Leadership Elective 1   2 0 2
XXX XXX Communication or Social Science Elective   3 0 3
Semester 4    
LDR 290 Leadership Capstone 2 0 2
LDR XXX Practical Leadership Elective 2   3 0 3
Total Credits:   31 0 31


Students should consult with their advisor before choosing electives. Courses not listed below may be used only with prior permission of the chair. 

Communication Elective (must take at least 1)
COMM 105 Interpersonal Communication (Communication Competency) 3
COMM 110 Public Speaking 3
COMM 205 Small Group Communication 3
NDR 100 Introduction to Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3
Social Science Elective (must take at least 1)
PSY 102 Applied Psychology: Stress Management 3
PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology 3
Leadership Theory Elective
LDR 240 Applied Leadership Theory 3
MGT 220 Leadership 3
Self-Leadership Elective
PSY 105 Psychology of Leadership 4
LDR 105 Self as Leader 3
Practical Leadership Electives (select 2)
LDR 110 Leading for Social Change 3
LDR 200 Transformational Leadership in Practice 3
LDR 220 Critical Thinking in Leadership 1 3
LDR 230 Ethical Leadership 2
LDR 225 Leading Teams 1 3
Some courses are offered in alternative versions identified with a letter after the course number -- for example, ENG 101 and ENG 101A.

• This curriculum displays only course numbers without the added letter.
• The alternative version, when available, meets the requirements of the course version without the added letter.

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