Culinary Arts (CUL)


In the Culinary Arts program at Cincinnati State, students receive training in all aspects of food preparation, including methods of cookery, sauces, soups, butchery, garde manger, pastry, and confectioneries, in addition to culinary management.

Graduates earn an Associate of Applied Business degree.

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The Culinary Arts degree program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). Website:


Employment Options

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Work in hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts, catering, and health care food service operations.

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

$22,000–$30,000 annually

Employment Outlook

Graduates of the Culinary Arts program at Cincinnati State have excellent opportunities for employment. According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry employs an estimated 12.8 million people, making it the nation’s largest employer outside of government. It provides work for more than nine percent of those employed in the United States, and is expected to add two million jobs over the next decade, for total employment of 14.8 million in 2017.

Education Options

Representative Co-Op/Clinical/Intern Sites

  • Coldstream Country Club
  • Great American Ballpark
  • Jag’s Steak and Seafood
  • Jeff Ruby’s Culinary Entertainment
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Whole Foods

Co-op Salary Projections

$8.50/hr - $13/hr


Effective 2018-2019 academic year

Culinary Arts (CUL)

Semester 1LecLabCredits
CUL 100Culinary Demonstration ( T) 202
CUL 101Culinary 1 ( T) 063
ENG 101English Composition 1 ( G) 303
HRM 105Food Service Sanitation ( B) 101
IM 111Computer Applications 1 ( B) 233
FYE 1XX First Year Experience Elective (B)  101
Semester 2  
BUS 190Professional Practices ( B) 101
CUL 102Culinary 2 ( T) 063
CUL 105Culinary Baking ( T) 063
LAW 101Business Law ( B) 303
ENG 10X English Composition Elective (G)  303
MAT 1XX Mathematics Elective (G)  303
Semester 3  
CUL X9X Cooperative Education Elective 1: Culinary Arts (T)  1402
Semester 4  
CUL 110Culinary Nutrition ( T) 063
CUL 200Garde Manger ( T) 084
CUL 205Culinary Production ( T) 063
HRM 110Food and Beverage Cost Control ( B) 303
XXX XXX Arts/Humanities Elective (G)  303
Semester 5  
CUL X9X Cooperative Education Elective 2: Culinary Arts (T)  1402
Semester 6  
ACC 101Financial Accounting ( B) 223
CUL 210International Cuisine ( T) 063
CUL 290Culinary Capstone ( T) 063
ECO 105Principles of Microeconomics ( G) 303
MGT 105Human Resource Management ( B) 303
Total Credits:  3513564


First Year Experience Elective
FYE 100College Survival Skills1
FYE 105College Success Strategies2
FYE 110Community College Experience3
English Composition Elective
ENG 102English Composition 2: Contemporary Issues3
ENG 103English Composition 2: Writing about Literature3
ENG 104English Composition 2: Technical Communication3
ENG 105English Composition 2: Business Communication3
Mathematics Elective
MAT 105Quantitative Reasoning3
MAT 111Business Mathematics3
MAT 120Technical Mathematics3
Arts/Humanities Elective
Any Transfer Module course from ART, LIT, MUS, PHI, REL, THE, or COMM 1303
Cooperative Education Electives (4 credit hours required)
CUL 191Part-Time Cooperative Education 1: Culinary Arts1
CUL 192Part-Time Cooperative Education 2: Culinary Arts1
CUL 193Part-Time Cooperative Education 3: Culinary Arts1
CUL 194Part-Time Cooperative Education 4: Culinary Arts1
CUL 291Full-Time Cooperative Education 1: Culinary Arts2
CUL 292Full-Time Cooperative Education 2: Culinary Arts2

The letters G, B, and T (displayed after course titles or elective descriptions) identify types of courses required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education as part of an associate’s degree curriculum.
G = General Education course in this curriculum
B = Basic Skills course in this curriculum
T = Technical course in this curriculum


Program Chair
Jeffrey Sheldon, CCE
(513) 569-1637
Chef Margaret (Meg) Galvin, CEC, WMCS
(513) 569-1627
Co-op Coordinator
Scott Holubetz, AAB, AOS, BA
(513) 569-5814
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