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Culinary Arts Certificate (CAC)


The Culinary Arts Certificate is designed for the serious hobbyist rather than the industry professional-in-training. This program covers food service sanitation and basic cooking courses. Credits earned may be transferred into the Culinary Arts degree program.

Students in the certificate program are not eligible for financial aid or Kentucky reciprocity.

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Employment Options

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Enter the Culinary Arts (CUL) degree program

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Program focus is building culinary skills for the serious hobbyist, not on professional training for industry


Effective 2018-2019 academic year

Culinary Arts Certificate (CAC)

Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
CUL 100 Culinary Demonstration 2 0 2
CUL 101 Culinary 1 0 6 3
HRM 105 Food Service Sanitation 1 0 1
Semester 2
CUL 102 Culinary 2 0 6 3
XXX XXX Culinary Elective   0 0 3
Total Credits:   3 12 12


Culinary Elective  
CUL 105 Culinary Baking 3
CUL 110 Culinary Nutrition 3
HRM 110 Food and Beverage Cost Control 3

The letters G, B, and T (displayed after course titles or elective descriptions) identify types of courses required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education as part of an associate’s degree curriculum.
G = General Education course in this curriculum
B = Basic Skills course in this curriculum
T = Technical course in this curriculum


Program Chair
Jeffrey Sheldon, CCE
(513) 569-1637
Chef Margaret (Meg) Galvin, CEC, WMCS
Chef Alan Neace, CEC, AAC, MS, CWMC
(513) 569-1627
(513) 569-1566
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