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Land Surveying Certificate (LSC)


The Land Surveying Certificate is for students enrolled in or who have graduated from a bachelor’s degree civil engineering programs who wish to pursue Professional Surveying registration in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.

The certificate program offers designated courses required by the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors in these states to qualify for the surveying fundamentals examination.

The certificate program courses are offered in the evening and may be completed in consecutive semesters.

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Employment Options

Graduates Are Prepared To

  • Take the surveying fundamentals examination.

Representative Job Titles For Graduates

  • Surveyor

Graduate Starting Salary Projections

$45,000 – $66,000 annually

Employment Outlook

Employment of surveyors is projected to grow 10 percent through 2022. Employment growth will result from increased construction related to improving the nation’s infrastructure. Job opportunities are expected to be excellent.


Effective 2020-2021 academic year

Land Surveying Certificate (LSC)

Program Prerequisite: Enrolled in or a graduate of a four-year Civil Engineering degree program.

This program meets the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineering and Surveyors requirements for education needed to become eligible for the registration exam for professional surveyors.

Semester 1 Lec Lab Credits
CET 251 Elements of Land Surveying 1 3 2 4
CET 267 Surveying Laws and Ethics 4 0 4
CET 266 Surveying History in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana ( T) 4 0 4
Semester 2      
CET 252 Elements of Land Surveying 2 3 3 4
CET 260 Control Surveying 3 3 4
Semester 3      
XXX XXX Technical Elective 1   3 0 3
XXX XXX Technical Elective 2   3 0 3
Semester 4      
CET 250 Route Location and Design 3 2 4
CET 2XX Surveying Elective   4 0 4
Total Credits:   30 10 34


Technical Electives  
Students seeking registration in Indiana are required to take:  
MAT 251
& PHY 152
Calculus 1
and Physics 2: Algebra and Trigonometry-Based
Students seeking registration in Ohio or Kentucky choose technical electives based the following criteria:  
Select Civil Engineering Technology (CET) courses or other courses approved by Program Chair
Surveying Elective  
CET 277 Survey Calculations and Statistics 4
CET 287 Geospatial Surveying 4

The letters G, B, and T (displayed after course titles or elective descriptions) identify types of courses required by the Ohio Department of Higher Education as part of an associate’s degree curriculum.
G = General Education course in this curriculum
B = Basic Skills course in this curriculum
T = Technical course in this curriculum


Program Chair
Carol Morman, PE, PS, MS
(513) 569-1770
Jim Decker, PS
Elias Feghali, BS, Evening Student Advisor
(513) 569-1757
(513) 569-1471
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