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Customized apprenticeship training to employees based on a curriculum that the company designs. This can range from fully customized training either at WDC or a customers site to enrolling students in open enrollment classes. WDC develops the educational and on the job strategy, then file paperwork with the state apprenticeship council and ensure compliance with state requirements for the educational leg of the apprenticeship. This ensures employees becomes a certified Journeyman in their chosen field at the end of the program.

What is a Registered Apprenticeship Program 

Registered apprenticeship is a formalized, structured training program combining on-the-job training and related technical instruction in which paid employees receive practical and technical training in a highly skilled occupation. Apprenticeship is industry-driven career training. Industry determines the skills that are essential to sustain a quality workforce.

Apprenticeships can last from one to six years (occupation- dependent). During this time, apprentices work and learn under the direction of experienced journeyworkers.

Over time, apprentices are provided the diversity and complexity of training that leads to becoming highly skilled in their chosen occupations. As they gain skill, they are compensated through an increase in wages.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship for Employer

A highly trained and experienced workforce is a company’s best asset. Apprenticeship programs can increase your bottom line by helping to retain your best employees.

  • Help with filling out state paperwork to become a state approved program
  • Fill your skills gap with current, proven employees
  • Higher uptime, through-put and productivity due to more knowledgeable employees
  • Reduced turnover
  • Employee engagement
  • Lower recruiting costs
  • Greater employee problem solving ability, reducing outsourcing costs
  • Increased employee flexibility
  • Low cost tuition

Benefits of an Apprenticeship for Employee 

Knowledge, skills and experience are the building blocks for success. They are also the foundation for apprenticeship training. When individuals complete a registered apprenticeship program, they will possess the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in their chosen occupation. Other benefits include:

  • Nationally-recognized Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship
  • High-wage opportunities that meet or exceed those of college graduates
  • Challenging and interesting work in a wide range of occupations
  • The opportunity to earn as you learn (apprentices earn wages that increase as their knowledge and skills increase)
  • Comprehensive career training combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction
  • All classes earn college credit that can be applied towards an Associates Degree
  • All fees and text books included

Types of Employer Apprenticeships 

Choose from three apprenticeship options:

  • Completely Customized classes based on your company’s unique needs(best for companies with many apprentices.) At WDC site or on your site
  •  Enroll in one or more of our standard open enrollment courses and have them count towards apprenticeship completion.
  • Use a combination of customized and standardized classes to save money and get curriculum that is tailored to your unique needs

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Jason Hendrickson, Program Manager, Apprenticeships 
Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center
10100 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH. 45241
Office (513) 569-4278

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