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Student Clubs & Organizations

Cincinnati State has about two dozen active clubs and organizations during any given semester. To establish or reactivate a club, 10 interested students and an advisor are needed. Established clubs may be eligible to receive funding during the academic year.

Adult Learners On Campus

ALOC provides support for non-traditional students. It also offers opportunities for leadership development and social activities for students and their families. For more information, contact Dr. Athealia Bell at athealia.bell@cincinnatistate.edu.

MCI ACF Student Organization

The Midwest Culinary Institute chapter of the American Culinary Federation promotes culinary arts and certification programs through competitions and by bringing guest chefs, speakers and industry experts to campus. For more information contact MCI Prof. Betsy LaSorella at mary.lasorella@cincinnatistate.edu.

American Society of Civil Engineers

The ASCE student chapter at Cincinnati State participates in a variety of community, academic, and industry events, including regional competitions and Habitat for Humanity projects. Membership is open to students in the Civil Engineering Technologies and Environmental Engineering Technologies programs. For information, contact Prof. Carol Morman at carol.morman@cincinnatistate.edu.

Black Male Initiative (BMI)

The Black Male Initiative provides a forum for the discussion of issues unique to African American men, and serves as a means of assistance, motivation and community involvement for members. Activities include campus events, lectures, community activities, social outings and peer group academic assistance. Membership is open to all members of the Cincinnati State community. For more information contact BMI Advisor Bryan Dell at bryan.dell@cincinnatistate.edu.

Biology Club

The mission of the Cincinnati State Biology Club is to provide students a platform for informal scientific discussion, career exploration, community engagement, and new experiences relating to biology. For more information contact Prof. Mark Tiemeier at mark.tiemeier@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Beekeeping Club

The Cincinnati State Beekeeping club is a student led organization that allows for students to learn about beekeeping, and gives hands on experience with bee hives.Our mission is to also build public awareness, educate, and promote beekeeping at Cincinnati State and within the local community. For more information contact faculty advisor Zane Decker at zane.decker@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Baja SAE

The purpose of this club is to build and race vehicles while learning skills applicable to the Mechanical Engineering Field. For more information contact Prof. Michael DeVore at michael.devore@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Chemical Club

This organization is designed to introduce chemical science students to the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional associations. Club activities help members gain experience in preparing and presenting technical material to audiences dominated by chemists, and to foster a sense of professionalism and an awareness of the challenges facing the industry. For more information contact faculty advisors Laura Morris at laura.morris@cincinnatistate.edu or Mary Repaske at mary.repaske@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Women’s Network

The Cincinnati State Women’s Network is committed to promoting women of multiple ethnicities through academic support and achievement, community service, self-awareness, mentoring, leadership, and social development. For more information contact Jayne Dressing at jayne.dressing@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincy 4 Christ

This organization serves students, faculty, and staff members, by helping to organize communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and a mission to transform the college, the marketplace, and the world. For more information contact advisor Sandra Dees at sandra.dees@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Gamers Club

This club serves those with an expressed interest in electronic games, and provides a forum for discussions and for tournaments on- and off-campus. For more information contact faculty advisor Paul Weingartner at paul.weingartner@cincinnatistate.edu or James Park at james.park@cincinnatistate.edu.

Creative Writing for Cincinnati State

This group is designed to promote creative writing at Cincinnati State. Members exchange ideas, information, advice, resources, assistance, and on occasion constructive criticism. For more information contact faculty advisor Dr. Ronnie Gladden at ronnie.gladden@cincinnatistate.edu.

Early Childhood Club

The Early Childhood Club serves students interested in Early Childhood Education, and provides learning opportunities on campus and in the community. For more information contact faculty advisor Kelly Hubbard at kelly.hubbard@cincinnatistate.edu.

Environmental Club

This club promotes environmental awareness and the interests of students in Cincinnati State’s various “green” academic programs. In addition to sponsoring an annual Earth Jam on campus and an environmentally-themed activities day for visiting high school students, members participate in regional contests, help with community clean-ups and water testing events, provide information at public events, and promote the Environmental Engineering Technology program in a variety of venues. For more information contact Prof. Ann Gunkel at ann.gunkel@cincinnatistate.edu or Prof. Ann Fallon at ann.fallon@cincinnatistate.edu.

Food Pantry Club

The mission of this club is to operate an on-campus food pantry to give a helping hand to those students and their families who are struggling, and to deliver educational programming supporting students at risk for food insecurity. For more information contact advisor Angela Haensel at angela.haensel@cincinnatistate.edu.

Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club provides a casual atmosphere where ideas and professional information is shared. The club helps with the sale of floral arrangements during holiday seasons; funds raised help pay for student trips to competitions and professional meetings. Club members also volunteer at the Cincinnati State greenhouse. For more information contact advisors Kelly Wanstrath at kelly.wanstrath@cincinnatistate.edu, Mark Deacon at mark.deacon@cincinnatistate.edu, or Heather Augustine at heather.augustine@cincinnatistate.edu.

Cincinnati State Historical Society

The mission of this club is to encourage the appreciation and study of history among Cincinnati State students and the campus community by sponsoring seminars and campus events that give students a chance to engage with and discuss history outside of the classroom setting. For more information contact faculty advisor Daniel Anderson at daniel.anderson@cincinnatistate.edu.

Honors Club

The purpose of Honors Student Club is to allow students to work together on community service activities, bring community members to campus as guest speakers, emphasize higher learning, and create a supportive environment for students. For more information contact Prof. Andrea Trapp at andrea.trapp@cincinnatistate.edu.

International Student Association

The International Students Association provides international students support and a chance to interact with other international students and American students through meetings and gatherings. For more information contact the faculty advisor (contact information coming soon).

Interpreter Training Club

This club serves Interpreter Training students and local deaf communities by providing guest speakers, tutors, and mentors. Members also support an annual “Silent Auction” to raise funds for club activities and promote awareness of the program. For more information contact Jessica Minges at jessica.minges@cincinnatistate.edu or Prof. Dawn Caudill at dawn.caudill@cincinnatistate.edu.

In The Zone

In The Zone at Cincinnati State provides a safe, supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and their straight allies. For more information contact faculty advisor Dr. Ronnie Gladden at ronnie.gladden@cincinnatistate.edu.

Leadership Club

The Leadership Club is dedicated to helping members recognize and improve the leader within them, by enhancing skills and capabilities, building confidence, inspiring others, and taking initiative as a group to provide value to the community. For more information contact faculty advisor Julie McLaughlin at julie.mclaughlin@cincinnatistate.edu.

Nursing Student Organization

The Nursing Student Organization supports Cincinnati State’s nursing program and encourages students to share program-specific issues and concerns in a virtual community. For more information contact faculty advisor Susan Bacher at susan.bacher@cincinnatistate.edu.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Membership requires a 3.5 GPA and is by invitation from the College president. PTK provides opportunities for leadership and service, fellowship, and motivation in continuing academic excellence. For more information contact advisors Mary Beth Barnes at marybeth.barnes@cincinnatistate.edu or Laura Morris at laura.morris@cincinnatistate.edu.

Psychology Club

The purpose of this club is to generate enthusiasm and interest in the field of psychology, through opportunities to interact with experts who will introduce Cincinnati State students to the broad range of employment opportunities in psychology. For more information contact faculty advisor Dr. Heather Hatchett at heather.hatchett@cincinnatistate.edu.

Respiratory Care Club

The Respiratory Care Club serves students in the Respiratory Care Technology program and helps them extend their work and knowledge to the larger community. For more information contact faculty advisors Julie Klensch at julie.klensch@cincinnatistate.edu or Michael Chaney at michael.chaney2@cincinnatistate.edu.

Society of Women Engineers

This club’s mission is to create networking and support opportunities for women in non-traditional technical fields, and engage in outreach activities to encourage women to consider technology careers. For more information contact Prof. Abbey Yee at abigail.yee@cincinnatistate.edu.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club explores the global customs, language, and contributions of Hispanic and Latin American cultures and facilitates their appreciation through cultural awareness projects, community activities, information gathering, and networking. For more information contact the faculty advisor (contact information coming soon).

Student Government

Cincinnati State Student Government focuses on improving the lives and enhancing the learning experiences of students through clubs and organizations, community service, and student leadership. Participants serve as advocates for student rights and concerns, while promoting cultural awareness and diversity on campus. For more information contact advisor Sarah Knight at sarah.knight@cincinnatistate.edu.

Student Occupational Therapy Association

The club’s purpose is to help members become Occupational Therapy Assistants and promote awareness of occupational therapy in the community. For more information contact faculty advisors Toni Durban at antoinette.durban@cincinnatistate.edu or Claudia Miller at claudia.miller@cincinnatistate.edu.