Africa! Student Association starts on Clifton Campus

Students from numerous African nations, many wearing traditional attire from their home countries, attended the inaugural meeting of Cincinnati State’s Africa! Student Association (ASA) on November 3, 2023.

The goal of the new student organization is to create a safe and inclusive community where all students interested in African cultures can connect, share their experiences, and celebrate African cultures together. The group hopes to provide a platform where African students can have their voices heard and where all students can learn about and appreciate African culture.

The program included lunch and a speech by the group’s president and “founder,” Fatoumata (Fanta) Keita, from Mali.

ASA officers (from left): Celestin Cimalamungu, Sarah Leggesse (Advisor), Firehiywet Allen, Fanta Keita, and Mohamadou Nourouddini

Another club officer, Celestin Cimalamungu (Democratic Republic of the Congo), shared a reading from the book he wrote titled What You Need to Know About Me, edited by Yalie Saweda Kamara.

The reading recounted a challenging day shortly after Celestin’s immigration to the U.S., when he was trying to get to school and ended up on seven different busses. He ended the hopeful piece, “With each bus I felt more despair. With each bus I learned to not to give up.”

Other ASA officers are Mohamadou Nourouddini (Cameroon) and Firehiywet Allen (Ethiopia). The club advisor is Sarah Leggesse from the Admissions Office.

After the program, students introduced themselves and made connections with new friends while completing a “get-to-know you” game with Cincinnati State-branded prizes. President Monica Posey and others from the College community visited the event also.

The ASA officers and members appreciate everyone who showed their support and look forward to offering more events and activities in the future.