Automotive program gets a new car

Welcoming the new VW Atlas: (left of car) students Wilson Maley, Ethan King, Ben Strunk, and John O’Shea (right of car) Associate Dean of Business Laura Horn, AMT Program Chair Chuck Butler, Interim Dean of Business Yvonne Baker, AMT Advisory Board member Dave Fay, and Volkswagen Manager Arne Wedenstierna

On March 11, 2021, the Automotive Maintenance Technology (AMT) class “Engine Performance 2” was interrupted for an important and long-awaited reason– the arrival of a Volkswagen Atlas to join the AMT program’s fleet of vehicles used for technical training.

AMT Program Chair Chuck Butler was happy to take delivery of the new vehicle, and students in the Engine 2 class were quick to check out the features of the Atlas.

The donated car had been scheduled to arrive in March 2020, but the pandemic, and the repairs to the Main Building, delayed the process.

Arne Wadenstierna, Fixed Operations Manager for Volkswagen of America Northeast Region, originally reached out to Cincinnati State’s Automotive program in Fall of 2019. 

Arne explained that when a new vehicle is produced, automobile manufacturers often build a small number of pre-production models to use for demonstration and evaluation purposes.

These vehicles closely mirror the model that is eventually produced, but they may not meet existing automobile regulatory requirements, and thus are not permitted to be driven on public roads. 

When they are no longer needed by the manufacturers, pre-production models are either crushed or donated. In this instance, Volkswagen had eight pre-production models to donate to training programs throughout Ohio.

Dave Fay, Fixed Operations Director of the Kenwood Dealer Group, and a member of the Automotive Program’s Advisory Board, immediately recommended Cincinnati State’s automotive program as a possible recipient. 

  • The donated Atlas has state-of-the-art features in exterior and interior components, including the engine compartment.
  • Special detailing for this vehicle includes the Cincinnati State logo and the logos for the local Volkswagon dealerships: Beechmont, Fairfield, Joseph, Kerry, and Kings.

Interim Dean of Business Yvonne Baker said, “This car will be a valuable teaching tool for students in our Automotive program, and it highlights Volkswagen’s involvement and support for our technical training environment.”

(Photo provided by Laura Horn)