Chris Calvert and Barbara Turner honored in 2021 “C-Suite Awards” from Cinti Business Courier

Cincinnati State’s Chief Financial Officer Chris Calvert and College Board of Trustees member Barbara Turner were selected as recipients of 2021 “C-Suite Awards” sponsored by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

  • CFO Calvert was recognized in the category “Chief Financial Officer – Large non-profit organization”
  • Mrs. Turner, the President and CEO of Ohio National Financial Services, was selected in the category “Chief Executive Officer – Large mutually owned company”

The C-Suite Awards “honor top-level executives who’ve shown outstanding leadership and led stellar performance at Greater Cincinnati businesses and nonprofits.”

A group of 52 finalists in nine categories was chosen by a panel of outside judges.

Interviews with CFO Calvert and Trustee Turner were published in the Cincinnati Business Courier in early September. (Note: to read the full articles, a subscription or registration on the Business Courier website may be required.)

In their interviews, each award recipient was asked to share a “little known fact” about themselves.

Mrs. Turner said: “I believe cooking for others is an expression of love. It brings me great joy to cook meals for my family and friends. I am also a huge sports fan. Who Dey! I believe sports and music bring people of different ethnicities and backgrounds together in a beautiful way.”

Chris Calvert said: “I love to consume data. Sales data, financial data, etc., the challenge to consume and transform it into actionable business intelligence is actually a form of adrenaline rush to me!”

(Photos from Cincinnati Business Courier)