Co-op employer supports “stay-at-home” work for Cincinnati State student

Many students who started Spring Semester in cooperative education assignments had their jobs interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but in some fields, even co-op jobs have shifted to remote mode.

Christopher Shouse, a Graphic Design major, is continuing to work in his assignment at Sugar Creek, a manufacturer of packaged foods.

  • Chris can be seen in the Zoom meeting above, on the right side of the second row.
  • Chris’ co-op supervisor, Bill Cunningham, is in the center of the top row.

Co-op Coordinator Andi Feld said many co-op students in Networking and Multimedia majors have been able to retain their jobs while changing their work conditions and location.

Cincinnati State salutes the students like Chris who are keeping up with co-op and gaining a new kind of work experience, and the employers like Bill and Sugar Creek, who have been able to continue supporting experiential education in a unique and unexpected way.