Exercise Science students learned about cognitive fitness during class field trip

Students in Exercise Science class EXS 164, Lifespan Fitness, visited Active Brain and Body in Montgomery, Ohio, on October 18, 2022, and participated in a class called “The Cognitive Circuit™  that combines physical exercise with cognitive challenges.

Active Brain and Body is a fitness center specializing in enhancing cognitive as well as physical fitness for clients.

Exercise Science Program Chair Melinda (Mindy) Piles said the class activity at Active Brain and Body was one of a series of field trips that coincide with topics discussed in the course.

“The locations students visit are also internship sites, which gives our Exercise Science students a chance to experience the facility before they have to choose their internship direction,” Mindy said.

Second-year Exercise Science student Dervon Henderson said, “The workout program at Active Brain and Body required us to think on our feet, as opposed to constantly counting reps. We were challenged with interesting cognitive tasks to stimulate our minds alongside our physical workout.”

Levi McManus, also a second-year Exercise Science student, added, “It was a very cool experience! I always thought brain health was important, but not for the average person. Now I see that anyone can benefit from cognitive training. My grandmother suffered from dementia, and this experience made me think about what cognitive training might have done for her.”

“There are so many ways you can live a healthier and better quality of life through exercise,” Levi continued. “The class experience helps me feel encouraged to motivate people to exercise so they can live the way we were made to– and to do it myself!”