Green Township donates used fire engine to Cincinnati State

October 1, 2014

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Green Township donates used fire engine to Cincinnati State

The Green Township Fire Department is donating one of its fire engines to Cincinnati State, where it will 
be used to help train students in the college’s Fire Service Technology program.

Green Township recently purchased a new fire truck and does not want to expand the size of its fleet. 
Green Township Trustees recently approved a proposal to donate one of the department’s old trucks – a 
22-year old front-line pumper – to Cincinnati State. The truck has been in continuous use, and has new 
tires and a new transmission.

Green Township serves as an internship site for Cincinnati State Fire Service students, and one of its 
assistant chiefs is a graduate of the program.

“We’re delighted to be able to give something back to the community,” said Assistant Chief Scott 
Souders. “We have a good relationship with the college, and this will help train students who may well 
wind up serving our own residents. So we view this as a positive all the way around.” 

Cincinnati State President O’dell M. Owens said the college will put the gift to good – and immediate – 

“Hands-on education is a big part of what makes Cincinnati State special,” Dr. Owens said. “We rely on 
our community partners, and we’re tremendously grateful for this type of support.”

Learning to drive a fire truck is part of the mandated state curriculum taught during fire training at 
Cincinnati State, which prepares students to enter a workforce that supplies nearly 50 fire stations in 
Greater Cincinnati. Each semester about 20 students enroll in Cincinnati State’s fire truck driving class.

The Fire Service Technology Program at Cincinnati State currently has three fire trucks:
 Engine 821, used for fire attack, is 20 years old
 Quint 1210, used for fire attack and search and rescue, is 29 years old 
 Rescue 609, used for automobile extrication,  is 24 years old

Phil Vossmeyer, chairman of the Fire Service Technology Program at Cincinnati State, said one reason 
the Green Township donation is so welcome is the flexibility it provides in scheduling. With it, 
maintenance or vehicle repairs can be scheduled without fear of disrupting classes. 

Vossmeyer noted that the cost of a new fire truck normally runs between $200,000 and $400,000. In the 
past, he said, Cincinnati State has purchased used fire trucks for $10,000 to $25,000 each. “This is the 
first time in 15 years we have received this type of gift,” he said. “We are quite grateful.”

Cincinnati State ( and offers more than 130 associate degree and certificate 
programs in business technologies, health and public safety, engineering technologies, humanities and 
sciences and information technologies. Cincinnati State has one of the most comprehensive co-op 
programs among two-year colleges in the U.S. 


Editors: The attached photo shows the donated truck at Cincinnati State’s Clifton campus.