Online Learning has Real-World Advantages

Cincinnati State strives to provide accessible course options to our students, and modern technology helps us support learning environments that make it easier to pursue education while the economy changes.

The pandemic shift to remote-only work and education wasn’t ideal, but it demonstrated that it’s possible to provide high-quality remote classes and services, and we know students appreciate the efficiency of remote options.

Now, Cincinnati State offers a wide range of online courses and remote ways to earn some associate degrees or certificates, as well as some pathways toward bachelor’s degrees. Using a computer, students can complete courses from anywhere in the world, with flexible scheduling, without ever having to travel to campus!

Save Your Fuel

At Cincinnati State, students can save their energy for class!

When gas prices rise, commuter students feel the effects in their wallets. The financial strain of a daily drive to campus can get in the way of plans for the future.

For many, it is exciting to have the option to get high-quality education online without the commute to campus.

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Virtual classes and degree options make it possible for students at Cincinnati State to save money that might otherwise have been spent on commuting and childcare. Online learning is an affordable and accessible approach to education for many students.

No matter what your schedule is, Cincinnati State students can start working toward over twenty online degree and certificate programs. Whether your interests are in computer technology, business, or possible transfer to a four-year school, you can pursue your passions across a variety of fields, with guidance from experienced faculty members.

Quality Matters

Cincinnati State is committed to implementing the Quality Matters (QM) standards for online and hybrid (partly online and partly in-person) courses. The QM standards are research-supported and ensure that online courses include all the needed tools and information to help online students succeed. Using the QM standards, faculty members and College officials review Cincinnati State’s online courses to be sure they meet student needs.

Cincinnati State offers online degrees and certificates for computer technology and software development—a fast-growing industry with many job opportunities. The computer programming and database management programs offer a mixture of courses focused on the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software used in a variety of fields. Students in these courses become well versed in several programming languages and operating systems.

Students interested in business also have many opportunities to explore through online education at Cincinnati State. From finance and accounting to hospitality management, the college offers many online opportunities for students to continue their studies. Certificates that boost future employment options can be earned in areas such as real estate and entrepreneurship. Cincinnati State’s online education programs are designed to help students thrive academically and personally to meet their goals during challenging times.

Evolving Education

Cincinnati State is committed to offering our students new ways to spend less while investing in their future.

All Cincinnati State students have opportunities to combine some types of distance learning with more traditional in-person college classes to allow full-time and part-time students ways to save time and money.

Students can choose from completely online courses, with no on-campus or virtual meetings, as well as other hybrid offerings that apply toward an associate degree, certificate, or bachelor’s degree.

Cincinnati State students in every major have opportunities to combine different types of online classes with a more traditional schedule. By blending these newer course types with traditional in-person education, students can boost technical skills sought after by employers.

“Live web” courses use conferencing technology, such as Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, and require students to be online at specific times, for “real-time” class participation via computer.

In addition to completing degree or certificate requirements, students in Live web classes are learning to prepare for remote work after graduation, and building skills for future success such as time management, technical skills, self-motivation, and networking in the virtual space.

As more jobs “go remote,” these courses challenge students to become comfortable working with others in a virtual setting. Students learn and practice how to communicate, collaborate, and contribute effectively in today’s professional settings.

Remote online work and education are no longer unusual in any industry. Cincinnati State strives to support students by offering online education that works for them and helps advance their careers to meet today’s demands.

Whether students select fully online education, or combine online and traditional forms of learning, Cincinnati State’s remote offerings give students the reins to promote their personal and professional development.