P&G SuccessWay co-op program included record number of Cincinnati State students

Ten Cincinnati State students were on the job at Procter & Gamble throughout Spring Semester 2023 while participating in the company’s SuccessWay co-op program– and setting the mark as the largest ever number of co-op students from the College at P&G during one semester.

Cincinnati State is the only two-year college with students in the P&G program, and ten out of a total of 17 Spring SuccessWay students were from Cincinnati State. The participating four-year universities were represented by no more than two students per institution.

The Cincinnati State students worked in downtown Cincinnati at the Central Offices building and at the Mason Business Center, in various Product Supply roles.

  • Bidur Thapa (Business Management major) – Demand Planning Analyst, who was promoted due to exemplary performance in Fall 2022.
  • Rachel Aston (Business Management major – Skin Care), Michael Brown (Computer Programming & Database Management major – Baby Care), Ravi Patel (Supply Chain Management major – Fem Care), Michael Taylor (Computer Programming & Database Management major – Home Care), and Makayla Whittie (Business Management major- Hair Care) – All worked in Site Integrated Planning, developing production schedules for P&G manufacturing facilities throughout North America and working with global vendors to handle risk management and ensure that raw materials required for production are always available.
  • Charles Hardesty (Pre-Business Administration major) and Michael Nguyen (Associate of Science major) – Worked in Transportation Planning, coordinating inbound materials and other logistics throughout North America.
  • Leslie Mwisange (Business Management major)– Worked in Distribution Requirement Planning, coordinating distribution of finished P&G products to regional distribution centers for final shipment to retailers across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Adrian Washington (Business Management major) – Worked in Demand Planning, creating sales and production forecasts.  

Adrian Harris, a Cincinnati State alumnus who is a P&G Initiatives Operations Leader in North American Fem Care, and Ariana Loor, a P&G Human Resource Manager for North American Synchronized Planning Solutions, helped to prepare students for the SuccessWay program, by leading in-class mock interviews on campus and attending recruiting events.

Adrian said P&G managers were impressed with the Spring cohort of Cincinnati State co-op students, who “represented themselves and the College quite well.”

Business Division Co-op Coordinator Adam Waits, the faculty advisor for P&G Co-op programs, assisted students in preparing for and achieving SuccessWay co-op placements, which require students to work full-time for two consecutive semesters. Adam developed and leads information sessions each semester on “How to Apply to P&G.”

Adam said, “Procter & Gamble’s unique onboarding process is extremely challenging and highly competitive. Students must first pass rigorous online assessments before completing a series of live interviews.”

Kelly Harper, Manager of the Cincinnati State Career Center, also helped to promote the virtual and in-person sessions that support eligible Cincinnati State students in applying for P&G opportunities.