Respiratory Therapy faculty member helps raise awareness of cardiac arrest in women

Cincinnati State faculty member Julie Klensch (Respiratory Therapy) joined Fox-19 TV’s morning news on August 22, 2022, to help raise awareness about cardiac arrest in women. Julie discussed reasons women are less likely than men to survive a cardiac event such as a heart attack, and less likely to receive CPR assistance from a bystander who knows how to perform CPR.

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Julie said in the segment that women may be less likely to get help because the bystander who knows CPR is worried they will injure the woman, or is concerned they will be accused of inappropriate touching.

During the TV segment Julie demonstrated hands-only CPR technique, and she encouraged viewers to take a CPR training class so they can be confident helpers of anyone who might be experiencing a cardiac event.

Julie said she worked with Lori Fovel, Director of Communications for the American Heart Association (AHA) of Greater Cincinnati to coordinate the TV appearance, after AHA reached out to Cincinnati State’s Respiratory Therapy program.