Shining a Light on Women’s Contributions

It’s been said that women hold up half the sky. But for much of recorded history, women’s contributions have largely gone unnoticed and unrecognized. Women’s History Month seeks to shine a light on those contributions and celebrate the countless women who have faced—and risen above—the obstacles and prejudices that have stood in their way.

The commemoration began in California in 1978 as “Women’s History Day.” In February 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 8 National Women’s History Week, saying, “Men and women have worked together to build this nation… (and) the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well.”

Between 1987 and 1994, Congress worked to authorize the president to proclaim March of each year as Women’s History Month.

“Working in an academic institution, I believe it is important to recognize the shoulders our students are standing on. Women’s History Month provides us with an incredible opportunity to observe and commemorate the vital roles women have long held in history, paving the way for our future leaders.” -Brittany King, Cincinnati State Web & Digital Manager

In observance of Women’s History Month, Cincinnati State encourages all faculty, staff, and students to honor and celebrate the countless women and girls who have courageously fought for justice, tirelessly supported equality, and proudly helped “hold up the sky” to shape our nation and the world.

To get involved on campus, check out the Cincinnati State Women’s Network! This student organization is committed to promoting women of multiple ethnicities through academic support and achievement, community service, self-awareness, mentoring, leadership, and social development. For more information contact Jayne Dressing at