Spring Student Vaccination Incentive program awards Grand Prize

Photo of Olivia Kinne receiving Spring Vaccination Incentive Program grand prize from President Monica Posey

The winner of the Grand Prize in the Spring Student Vaccination Incentive Program is Olivia Kinne.

Olivia, a Nursing student, received the $5,000 Grand Prize from President Monica Posey.

Olivia said, “I got the vaccine and booster shots because I don’t like COVID-19 or the pandemic precautions we had to implement, so I want it to be done. I believe vaccinations will help end this nightmare.”

A total of 409 Spring Semester students entered the Incentive Program.

  • 270 of the entrants reported getting booster shots.
  • 61 students received their first vaccine dose during the incentive eligibility period, and 78 students received their second vaccine dose.
  • 137 entrants claimed the $25 gift card that was offered to those who participated in the incentive program.

Students provided a variety of reasons for getting their first, second, or booster shot. The most frequent reasons given are summed up in the graphic at right.

In answer to the question “How did you hear about the incentive program?” most students (75% of entrants) mentioned email messages. Other ways of learning about the program included:

  • College website (11%)
  • Faculty or staff member (9%)
  • On-site clinic (3%)
  • Other (2%) including posters, text messages, Blackboard messages, or from friends/other students

Other students who received prizes in the final drawing on Apr. 27 were:

$250 winners:

  • Kouassi Jean Kouakou – Practical Nursing Certificate – “I’m vaccinated for greater protection.”
  • Courtney Murphy – Diagnostic Medical Sonography – “I got vaccinated for my health and for others.”

$100 winners:

  • Cassandra Bonz – Health Information Management – “I’m vaccinated to protect my family members.”
  • Jessica Cooper – Nursing – “I got vaccinated to help stop the spread of COVID.”
  • Meri Flowers – Human and Social Services – “I’m vaccinated for everyone.”
  • Michael Gerke – Diagnostic Medical Sonography – “I got vaccinated to protect against COVID.”
  • Delainey Huck – Pre-Business Administration – “I’m vaccinated to protect my health from future variants and so I can safely socialize at big events.”
  • Nazret Michael – Respiratory Therapy – “I’m vaccinated to protect myself from COVID.”
  • Katherine Peterson – Deaf Studies Certificate – “I got vaccinated to help stop the spread and protect my family.”
  • Nathan Reese – Culinary Arts – “I’m vaccinated to protect my family.”
  • Rebecca Richey – Sustainable Agriculture Management Certificate – “I’m vaccinated to protect my community and myself.”
  • Kayla Wright – Accounting – “I got vaccinated for many reasons, including doing my part in helping the community and putting an end to the pandemic. I wanted to keep myself safe and keep others around me safe.”

All students who received prizes in the Spring Vaccination Incentive Program are listed on the Student Vaccination Incentive Program Winners web page.

(Photo provided by Tamaree Smith; Program statistics provided by Myra Justus)