Campus Wifi

We offer free wifi, so you can bring your laptop to campus and easily get to work. We have complete coverage at all locations. 

Instructions for Accessing Wifi:

Wifi networks that end with  Surge  are for students and employees to use on their personally owned devices. The  Surge wifi networks allow access to more resources than the Guest networks. Guest networks are intended for visitors who don’t have a college network account. 

Important to note: The two most common ways to resolve connection issues are: 

  1. Turn wifi off and then turn it back on
  2. Forget a wifi network; this will remove the settings and allow your device to get new settings

Students and Employees:

Students and employees should use the  Surge  wifi networks when using their personally owned devices. An active student or employee logon is required. Click one of the links below for detailed instructions for that device. 


Guests of the college should use the Guest  wifi networks. These are visitors who don’t have an active college network account. 

You can read more about Cincinnati State’s Wi-Fi Networks.