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Tuition Rates & Fees

Tuition Rates

Rates below are in effect for academic year 2020-21, which begins August 24, 2020.

Tuition includes instructional fee, general fee, and other non-instructional service fees. Non-resident fees include a non-resident surcharge.

Kentucky and Indiana residents will be charged Ohio in-state tuition when applicable under reciprocity agreements.

Tuition per Credit Hour for 2020-21

  • In-state tuition: $168.64
  • Out-of-state tuition: $337.28

Tuition per Credit Hour for 2019-20 academic year to include Summer 2020

  • In-state tuition: $163.64
  • Out-of-state tuition: $327.28

Schedule of Fees

Lab Fees

  • Standard lab fee: $35 per lab contact hour
  • Special lab fee: $50 per lab contact hour for courses with the department codes listed below (fee covers consumable materials and/or special supplies and equipment used)
    • Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)
    • Culinary Arts (CUL)
    • Dietetics (DT)
    • Pastry Arts (PAS)
    • Personal Chef (PCC)
    • Welding (WLD)
    • All Health and Public Safety Division courses, not including courses in Exercise Science (EXS), Health Information Management (HIM), Physical Education (PE), and Public Safety Technology (PST)

Course Fees

  • Cooperative Education course fee: $30 per course
  • Developmental (academic foundations-level) course fee: $10 per course
  • Directed Practice / Practicum course fee: $40 per course
  • Web-based course fee: $10 per credit hour
  • Special course fee: Some courses have additional fees related to the cost of special supplies and equipment used in specific degree or certificate programs.
The maximum amount charged for lab fees and/or course fees for any one course will not exceed $350. This maximum does not include the cost of course tuition.

Example: How to calculate tuition and lab fees for a course

An Ohio resident registers for a course listed in the catalog with 1 lecture contact hour, 2 lab contact hours, and 2 total credit hours.

Tuition for 2 total credit hours x $163.64 = $327.28
Lab fee for 2 lab contact hours x $35 = $70

Total tuition and lab fee for this class is $327.28 + $70 = $397.28

Other Fees

  • Admission Application Fee: $15 (one-time fee, payable at first registration)
  • Career Services Fee: $7 per credit hour
  • Extended Payment Plan Fee: $60 per semester
  • Facility Fee: $9 per credit hour up to a maximum of $82.50 per semester
  • Registration Fee: $9 per semester
  • Late Registration Fee: $100 (added after on-time registration period ends)
  • Technology Fee: $37.50 per semester

Parking Fees

Parking privileges are $5 per day or $75 per semester

All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the College. Fees other than Tuition and Course/Lab fees are non-refundable.

All fees for each semester must be paid by the end of that semester. Certificates, degrees, transcripts, and further registration activities are withheld until all financial obligations are fully paid.

Books and Supplies

The cost of books and supplies can vary from semester to semester. Also, different programs have different requirements.

  • For example, students in engineering technologies programs generally will spend more on supplies and equipment than students in business technologies programs.
  • The first semester is often the most expensive, as students purchase books and supplies at that time that will be used in later semesters also.

Students with pending financial aid in excess of their tuition and fees may charge books against their pending financial aid, using your SurgeCard, at the College’s Follett Bookstore located in the ATLC Building.

Cooperative Education Credit Charges

Charges for cooperative education class registration (co-op credits) must be paid on the established registration date. Review the program curriculum for the degree you are seeking to determine the exact number of co-op credits required.

Tuition Waiver for Senior Citizens

Tuition waivers are available for senior citizens who register to audit courses on a space-available basis during open registration periods. The waiver covers the in-state tuition fee; senior citizens must pay all other fees. Waivers are not applicable to non-audited courses or to non-credit courses.

A senior citizen is defined as a student who is 60 years of age or older at the time of registration.

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