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Enrollment & No Show Designation

No Show (NS) Mark Policy for Title IV Recipients

According to federal regulations, an institution must have a procedure for determining whether a Title IV recipient began attendance during a payment period (Office of Financial Aid defines a payment period as a semester), completed the period or should be treated as a “No Show”.

It is an interpretation of the “NS” mark to facilitate compliance with Federal Title IV Regulations. This policy only pertains to those students receiving Title IV funds and will determine the student’s enrollment status with relation disbursement and to the Return of Title IV (R2T4) process.

At the time of disbursement, the Office of Financial Aid reviews and determines student eligibility for Title IV aid. If it is determined that a student receives a “NS” mark for one or more classes, the student Title IV aid will be adjusted accordingly.

Students who receive a “NS” designation for one or more classes, who have been incorrectly marked with a “NS”, it must be determined whether or not this was institution error. Students who have been incorrectly marked with “NS” must wait until passing grades have posted to their academic record in order for the Office of Financial Aid to adjust the student aid for that semester.

If a student receiving Title IV aid receives a “NS” mark for one or more classes and does not receive an earned passing grade (such as an “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”) upon completion of a class, no financial aid will be disbursed for such classes. Incompletes will not count as a passing grade.


Financial aid will be adjusted according to your hours of enrollment.

For financial aid purposes:

  • Full-time enrollment = 12 or more eligible credit hours
  • Three-quarter time enrollment = 9 to 11 eligible credit hours
  • Half-time enrollment = 6 to 8 eligible credit hours
  • Less-than half-time enrollment = 1 to 5 eligible credit hours

Students must be enrolled for at least half time (six credit hours) in eligible credit hours to be eligible for loans. Any time a Stafford loan-borrowing student withdraws to less than six eligible credit hours, takes off a term, or enrolls less than half time, exit counseling is required. Even though a student may intend to return to Cincinnati State within at least six credit hours, the student is required by federal regulations to complete exit counseling as their repayment deferment time period has begun.

Class attendance is required

Each student is expected to attend all scheduled classes. Each Cincinnati State faculty member will take attendance at every class session for the first two weeks of the semester to establish the student began attendance. Each student should check with his or her instructor to determine how attendance will be taken, and in what ways, if any, attendance is a factor in grading. A student who enrolls but did not attend any classes, does not officially drop or withdraw from the class, or withdraws from a course without having attended the class, will be designated as a no show (NS). The “NS” designation does not appear on a student’s official academic transcript, however:

  • A student who receives an “NS’ designation is financially responsible for payment of the course.
  • A student is not permitted to withdraw from a course in which a “NS” designation has been assigned.
  • A student who registers and receives student loan proceeds but attends less than half-time (six credit hours) is ineligible for all loan proceeds. Cincinnati State will return to the Department of Education (ED) any loan proceeds used to cover tuition cost and notify ED that the student has failed to qualify for the loan. Students who receive a refund of their loan proceeds to cover educational expenses must first repay ED the amount received before Cincinnati State can certify additional loan eligibility for the student.
  • The Office of Financial Aid is required to recalculate a student’s Pell Grant and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) award to reflect only those eligible credit hours and classes for which the student actually began attendance.

The following are various scenarios the Office of Financial Aid may encounter when processing the return of federal student financial aid, known officially as Return of Title IV Funds or R2T4:

A student receiving a “NS” mark in all class(es): Is considered to never have begun attendance in their classes and no financial aid will be disbursed to student account. Student is responsible for payment of courses.

A student receiving a combination of “NS’s” and “W’s:”If any W is after disbursement, the enrollment status should be considered as an official withdrawal and the date of the withdrawal should be used in the R2T4 calculation.

A student receiving a combination of “NS’s” and “F’s”: Is considered an unofficial withdrawal if the NS’s and F’s are reported grades. If in the event, the student earned the grade of F, it is the student responsibility to contact the instructor to complete the appeal e-form. This form is used to review students earn grade and determine if it should be used in the R2T4 calculation.

If it is determined that the student's enrollment status is as an unofficial withdrawal, or the student receives all failing grades, the instructor will report the student last date of attendance and will be used in the determination of the R2T4 funds.

A student receiving a combination of “NS’s” and Letter Grades (such as an “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”): Does not require a R2T4 as the student has completed a class.
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Code of Federal Regulations 34 CFR 668.22(c) 

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