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Fall Semester 2020

Fall semester begins August 24, 2020

Whether you are earning a degree or certificate, or staying close to home this fall and wanting to take a class or two as a visiting student, Cincinnati State welcomes you!
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ACC-101Financial Accounting
ACC-102Managerial Accounting
ACC-121QuickBooks 1
ACC-122QuickBooks 2
ACC-135Financial Statements
ACC-175Fed Tax: Individuals
ACC-191Part-time Co-op 1: ACC
ACC-192Part-time Co-op 2: ACC
ACC-193Part-time Co-op 3: ACC
ACC-194Part-time Co-op 4: ACC
ACC-201Intermediate Acct 1
ACC-210Cost Accounting
ACC-240Bookkeeping Certification
ACC-291Full-time Co-op 1: ACC
ACC-292Full-time Co-op 2: ACC
ADC-100Drugs in Society
ADC-105Addiction Counseling
ADC-110Addiction Pharmacology
ADC-115Addict Treatment Ethics
ADC-120Addiction Screening
ADC-125Relapse Prevention
ADC-200Dual Diagnosis
AGR-100Intro Urban Agriculture
AGR-150Fall Production
AMT-100Aviation Std Practices
AMT-105Aircraft Orientation
AMT-110Aircraft Electricity
AMT-115Aircraft Weight & Balance
AMT-145Airframe Electronic Sys
AMT-150Airframe Systems
AMT-160Airframe Inspection
AMT-191Part-time Co-op 1: AMT
AMT-192Part-time Co-op 2: AMT
AMT-193Part-time Co-op 3: AMT
AMT-201Powerplant Maintenance 1
AMT-203Powerplant Maintenance 3
AMT-215Aircraft Propellers
AMT-271Avionics 1
AMT-291Full-time Co-op 1: AMT
AMT-292Full-time Co-op 2: AMT
ART-110Introduction to Art
ART-111Art History: Ancient
ART-112Art History to Present
ART-120Design History
ART-125Design Principles
ASL-101Beginning ASL 1
ASL-102Beginning ASL 2
ASL-201Intermediate ASL 1
ASL-202Intermediate ASL 2
ASL-251Advanced ASL 1
ASL-252Advanced ASL 2
AUTO-100Intro to Automotive Tech
AUTO-111Engine Repair
AUTO-161Electrical Systems 1
AUTO-162Electrical Systems 2
AUTO-170Heating & AC
AUTO-181Engine Performance 1
AUTO-191Part-time Co-op 1: AUTO
AUTO-192Part-time Co-op 2: AUTO
AUTO-193Part-time Co-op 3: AUTO
AUTO-194Part-time Co-op 4: AUTO
AUTO-291Full-time Co-op 1: AUTO
AUTO-292Full-time Co-op 2: AUTO
AVP-100Intro Audio/Video Produc
AVP-110Videography Single Camera
AVP-120Digital Video Editing
AVP-130Audio Editing & Mixing
AVP-192Part-time Co-op 2: AVP
AVP-210Multi Camera
AVP-220Video Compositing
AVP-230Audio Production
AVP-240After Effects
AVP-291Full-time Co-op 1: AVP
AVP-298Documentary Production
BIO-100Biology & Science Skills
BIO-111Bio: Unity/Life
BIO-115Human Genetics
BIO-117Human Body Health/Disease
BIO-127Body Health/Disease Lab
BIO-131Biology 1
BIO-132Biology 2
BIO-151Anatomy & Physiology 1
BIO-152Anatomy & Physiology 2
BMT-161Biomed Instrumentation 1
BMT-262Biomed Instrumentation 2
BREW-100Intro to Craft Beer
BREW-110Brewing Sanitation/Safety
BREW-120Brewing Tech/Calculations
BREW-130Brewing Production
BREW-140Brewing Ingredients
BREW-150Brewing Microbiology
BREW-191Part-time Co-op 1: BREW
BREW-192Part-time Co-op 2: BREW
BREW-193Part-time Co-op 3: BREW
BREW-194Part-time Co-op 4: BREW
BREW-198Sustainability for Brew & Bev
BREW-240Legal Issues in Brewing
BREW-291Full-time Co-op 1: BREW
BREW-292Full-time Co-op 2: BREW
BSC-115Intro to Bioscience
BSC-291Full-time Co-op 1: BSC
BUS-190Professional Practices
BUS-1981st Yr Spec Topics: BUS
CET-100Introduction to CET
CET-105Introduction to Surveying
CET-110Advanced Surveying
CET-115Arch Drafting & CAD
CET-120Adv CAD: Revit Architect
CET-125Statics & Strength: CET
CET-135Construction Estimating
CET-191Part-time Co-op 1: CET
CET-192Part-time Co-op 2: CET
CET-200Structural Design
CET-205Arch Design: Revit Arch
CET-211Advanced Revit Mechanical
CET-212Advanced Revit Electrical
CET-230Construction Management
CET-235Construction Scheduling
CET-240Cost Engineering
CET-245Bldg Info Models Construc
CET-250Route Location
CET-251Land Surveying 1
CET-255Land Info Modeling
CET-277Survey Calculations
CET-285CETC Capstone
CET-291Full-time Co-op 1: CET
CET-292Full-time Co-op 2: CET
CET-293Full-time Co-op 3: CET
CHE-100Basic Chemistry
CHE-110Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHE-115Gen/Organic/Bio Chemistry
CHE-121General Chemistry 1
CHE-122General Chemistry 2
CHE-131General Chemistry 1 Lab
CHE-132General Chemistry 2 Lab
CHW-100CHW Training
CIT-105OSHA 10 General Industry
CIT-190Career Prep: ET/IT
CMT-111Chemical Technology 1
CMT-191Part-time Co-op 1: CMT
CMT-220Analytical Chemistry
CMT-291Full-time Co-op 1: CMT
CMT-292Full-time Co-op 2: CMT
COMM-105Interpersonal Comm
COMM-110Public Speaking
COMM-120Mass Media and Society
CPDM-120Object-Orient Programming
CPDM-190Co-op Preparation: CPDM
CPDM-191Part-time Co-op 1: CPDM
CPDM-210System Analysis & Design
CPDM-290CPDM Capstone
CPDM-291Full-time Co-op 1: CPDM
CPDM-292Full-time Co-op 2: CPDM
CSA-112Computer Repair 2
CSA-191Part-time Co-op 1: CSA
CSA-192Part-time Co-op 2: CSA
CSA-291Full-time Co-op 1: CSA
CSA-292Full-time Co-op 2: CSA
CUL-100Culinary Demonstration
CUL-101Culinary 1
CUL-102Culinary 2
CUL-105Culinary Baking
CUL-110Culinary Nutrition
CUL-115Food Service Sanitation
CUL-191Part-time Co-op 1: CUL
CUL-192Part-time Co-op 2: CUL
CUL-193Part-time Co-op 3: CUL
CUL-194Part-time Co-op 4: CUL
CUL-200Garde Manger
CUL-205Culinary Production
CUL-210International Cuisine
CUL-290Culinary Capstone
CUL-291Full-time Co-op 1: CUL
CUL-292Full-time Co-op 2: CUL
DMS-100Survey of Sonography
DMS-111DMS Instrumentation 1
DMSC-120CV Sonography
DMSC-121CV Sonography Scan Lab 1
DMSC-224CV Sonography Scan Lab 4
DMSC-232Vascular Sonography 2
DMSC-242Echocardiography 2
DMSC-282CV Internship 2
DMSG-110Sterile Techniques
DMSG-120GI Sonography
DMSG-121GI Sonography Scan Lab 1
DMSG-224GI Sonography Scan Lab 4
DMSG-232Abdominal Sonography 2
DMSG-242OB-GYN Sonography 2
DMSG-282GI Internship 2
DT-110Community Nutrition
DT-120Nutrition: Healthy Life
DT-125Lifecycle Nutrition
DT-190Dietetic Prof Practices
DT-205Quantity Food Production
DT-211Food Service Mgmt 1
DT-221Med Nutrition Therapy 1
DT-280DT Dir Prac: Food Serv
DT-283DT Directed Practice 2
DT-285DT Directed Practice 3
ECE-145The Developing Child
ECE-165Emergent Literacy
ECE-180Infants & Toddlers
ECE-185Creative Learning
ECE-215Classroom Management
ECE-220Preschool & School Age
ECE-230ECE Admin/Leadership
ECE-290ECE Student Teaching
ECE-2982nd Yr Spec Topics: ECE
ECE-2992nd Yr Ind Proj: ECE
EDU-105Intro to Education
EDU-110Educational Technology
EDU-210Learning in Childhood
EET-101Electronic Fundamentals 1
EET-121Digital Systems 1
EET-122Digital Systems 2
EET-131Circuit Analysis 1
EET-132Circuit Analysis 2
EET-291Full-time Co-op 1: EET
EET-292Full-time Co-op 2: EET
EMET-110Electro-Mechanical CAD
EMET-150Intro Controls/Robotics
EMET-191Part-time Co-op 1: EMET
EMET-210Energy Efficiency/Audits
EMET-240PLCs & Motor Controls
EMET-245Laser 1
EMET-275Electric Drive Mechanisms
EMET-291Full-time Co-op 1: EMET
EMET-292Full-time Co-op 2: EMET
EMS-110EMT Theory & Practice
EMS-120Paramedic A & P
EMS-180EMT Practicum
EMS-211Paramedic 1
EMS-212Paramedic 2
EMS-221Paramedic 1 Lab
EMS-222Paramedic 2 Lab
EMS-231Paramedic 1 Practicum
EMS-232Paramedic 2 Practicum
EMS-2992nd Yr Ind Proj: EMT
ENG-101English Comp 1
ENG-102Eng Comp 2: Contem Issues
ENG-103Eng Comp 2: Writing Lit
ENG-104Eng Comp 2: Tech Comm
ENG-105Eng Comp 2: Bus Comm
ENG-132Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGR-111Intro to Engineering 1
ESET-220Microprocessor Systems
ESL-051ESL Level 1
ESL-052ESL Level 2
EVS-110Env Sci: Conservation
EVS-120Environmental Geology
EVS-130Env Sci: Ecology & Ecosys
EVT-105Environmental Sampling
EVT-140Environmental Regulations
EVT-150Environmental Chemistry
EVT-175Watershed Management
EVT-185Mgmt in Environ Fields
EVT-192Part-time Co-op 2: EVT
EVT-220Air Pollution Control
EVT-225Environmental Mapping
EVT-230Treatment Technologies
EVT-240Fluid Mechanics
EVT-246Wastewater Treatment Ops
EVT-291Full-time Co-op 1: EVT
EVT-292Full-time Co-op 2: EVT
EXS-118Yoga Teacher Training 1
EXS-130Health/Wellness Programs
EXS-151Exercise Assessment
EXS-164Life Span Fitness 1
EXS-250Exercise Physiology
FIN-100Personal Finance
FIN-130Principles of Banking
FIN-150Business Finance
FIN-191Part-time Co-op 1: FIN
FIN-192Part-time Co-op 2: FIN
FIN-193Part-time Co-op 3: FIN
FIN-194Part-time Co-op 4: FIN
FIN-291Full-time Co-op 1: FIN
FIN-292Full-time Co-op 2: FIN
FRN-101Elementary French 1
FRN-102Elementary French 2
FST-101Fire Cadet Fundamentals
FST-105Firefighter Preparedness
FST-120Fire Behavior/Combustion
FST-123Emerg Services Principles
FST-129Fire Prevention
FST-136Emergency Vehicle Ops
FST-226Bldg Construction
FYE-100College Survival Skills
FYE-105College Success Strat
FYE-110Comm College Experience
GEO-115Cultural Geography
GIT-100Intro to GIT
GIT-191Part-time Co-op 1: GIT
GIT-200Digital Imaging
GIT-220Screen Printing
GIT-240Flexographic Printing
GIT-291Full-time Co-op 1: GIT
GIT-292Full-time Co-op 2: GIT
GRD-120Beginning 2D: Bitmap
GRD-1302D Graphics: Vector
GRD-191Part-time Co-op 1: GRD
GRD-192Part-time Co-op 2: GRD
GRD-200GRD Portfolio Rev
GRD-215Applied 2D Graphics: GRD
GRD-220Applied 2D Graphics: WEB
GRD-240Packaging Design
GRD-250User Interface Design
GRD-290GRD Capstone
HIM-100Introduction to HIM
HIM-105Legal Aspects of HIM
HIM-210Reimbursement Methods
HIM-215Advanced Medical Coding
HIM-225CPT Coding
HNR-100Orientation to Honors
HNR-198Coming of Age: Exploration of
HRM-100Hospitality Careers
HRM-110Food/Bev Cost Control
HRM-115Rooms Division Management
HRM-191Part-time Co-op 1: HOSP
HRM-192Part-time Co-op 2: Hosp
HRM-193Part-time Co-op 3: Hosp
HRM-194Part-time Co-op 4: CUL
HRM-291Full-time Co-op 1: HOSP
HRM-292Full-time Co-op 2: Hosp
HST-102World Hist since 1500
HST-111American Hist to 1877
HST-112American Hist since 1877
HST-121Afr Amer Hist to 1877
HST-161Western Civ to 1648
HSV-110Intro to Human Services
HUM-190Career Exploration: AA/AS
HUM-191Part-time Co-op 1: AA/AS
HUM-192Part-Time Co-op 2: AA/AS
HUM-194PT Co-op Proj 1: AA/AS
HUM-291Full-Time Co-op: AA/AS
HUM-294Internship: AA/AS
HUM-296FT Co-op Proj: AA/AS
IDD-105Intro to IDD
IM-105Keyboarding Skills
IM-106Introductory MS Word
IM-109Introductory MS Access
IM-111Computer Applications
IM-115Admin Office Procedures
IM-120MS Excel
IM-130MS Word
IM-135Business Doc Formatting
IM-145Document Proofing/Editing
IM-150MS PowerPoint
IM-165Legal Office Environment
IM-170MS Project
IM-191Part-time Co-op 1: IM
IM-192Part-time Co-op 2: IM
IM-193Part-time Co-op 3: IM
IM-194Part-time Co-op 4: IM
IM-200Info Systems for Managers
IM-225Legal Transcription
IM-291Full-time Co-op 1: IM
IM-292Full-time Co-op 2: IM
IT-100Programming Foundations
IT-101Programming 1
IT-102Programming 2
IT-105IT Concepts
IT-110HTML, CSS & Javascript
IT-111Database Design & SQL 1
IT-112Database Design & SQL 2
IT-115Operating Systems Admin 1
IT-116Operating Systems Admin 2
IT-117Web App Development 1
IT-161Java Programming 1
IT-162Java Programmng 2
IT-212Business Intelligence
IT-218Web App Development 2
ITP-120Psych Aspects Deafness
ITP-125Deaf Culture & History
ITP-191ITP Limited Practicum 1
ITP-205Performance Interpreting
ITP-220Educational Interpreting
ITP-225Vocab Building
ITP-230Intermediate Assessment
ITP-250Interactive Interpreting
ITP-261Sign to Voice 1
ITP-262Sign to Voice 2
ITP-265Specialized Interpreting
ITP-275Medical Interpreting
ITP-280ITP Professionalism
ITP-291ITP Parallel Practicum 1
ITP-294Ed Interpreting Practicum
ITP-295ITP General Practicum 1
LAW-101Business Law
LAW-120Legal Research/Writing
LAW-130Family & Probate Law
LAW-140Copyright & Trademark Law
LAW-160Administrative Law
LAW-191Part-time Co-op 1: LA
LAW-192Part-time Co-op 2: LA
LAW-193Part-time Co-op 3: LA
LAW-194Part-time Co-op 4: LA
LAW-291Full-time Co-op 1: LA
LAW-292Full-time Co-op 2: LA
LDR-100Intro to Leadership
LDR-105Self as Leader
LDR-200Transformational Leaders
LH-105Hort Occupations
LH-120Soil Science
LH-125Turfgrass Management
LH-130Woody Plant Materials
LH-140Landscape Operations
LH-160Irrigation Design/Mgmt
LH-191Part-time Co-op 1: LH
LH-192Part-time Co-op 2: LH
LH-193Part-time Co-op 3: LH
LH-194Part-time Co-op 4: LH
LH-230Landscape Stormwater Mgt
LH-291Full-time Co-op 1: LH
LH-292Full-time Co-op 2: LH
LIT-210The Short Story
LIT-240The Novel
LIT-285Women Writers
MA-100MA Clinical Procedures
MA-109Admin, Coding & Billing
MA-110Med Office Lab Procedure
MA-125MA Externship & Seminar
MAA-192Part-time Co-op 2: MAA
MAA-292Full-time Co-op 2: MAA
MAT-Intensive Quant Reasoning
MAT-093Math Literacy
MAT-096Beginning/Interm Algebra
MAT-105Quantitative Reasoning
MAT-111Business Math
MAT-122Aviation Mathematics
MAT-124Applied Algebra/Geometry
MAT-125Algebra & Trigonometry
MAT-126Functions & Calculus
MAT-131Statistics 1
MAT-151College Algebra
MAT-161College Algebra for DMS
MAT-198Statistics 1 Support
MAT-215Business Calculus
MAT-251Calculus 1
MAT-252Calculus 2
MCH-100Healthcare Informatics
MCH-101Medical Terminology 1
MCH-102Medical Terminology 2
MCH-104Comprehensive Med Term
MCH-106Health Promotion
MCH-108Professionalism in Health
MCH-114Healthcare Law & Ethics
MCH-130Nurse Aide Training
MCH-141ECG 1
MET-100Introduction to MET
MET-111Manufacturing Processes 1
MET-112Manufacturing Processes 2
MET-113Manufacturing Processes 3
MET-140Engineering Materials
MET-150Statics & Strength MET
MET-191Part-time Co-op 1: MET
MET-192Part-time Co-op 2: MET
MET-230Quality Control Six Sigma
MET-240Hydraulics & Pneumatics
MET-250Machine Design
MET-260Applied Thermodynamics
MET-285MET Capstone Project 1
MET-291Full-time Co-op 1: MET
MET-292Full-time Co-op 2: MET
MGT-101Principles of Management
MGT-105HR Management
MGT-125Business Ethics
MGT-130Project Management
MGT-140Quality Management
MGT-191Part-time Co-op 1: MGT
MGT-192Part-time Co-op 2: MGT
MGT-193Part-time Co-op 3: MGT
MGT-194Part-time Co-op 4: MGT
MGT-290Business Mgmt Capstone
MGT-291Full-time Co-op 1: MGT
MGT-292Full-time Co-op 2: MGT
MID-120Drawing for MID
MID-190Career Preparation: MID
MKT-101Principles of Marketing
MKT-115MKT Research Multimedia
MKT-130Professional Selling
MKT-191Part-time Co-op 1: MKT
MKT-192Part-time Co-op 2: MKT
MKT-193Part-time Co-op 3: MKT
MKT-194Part-time Co-op 4: MKT
MKT-205Marketing Research
MKT-215Advertising & PR
MKT-250Digital Marketing
MKT-291Full-time Co-op 1: MKT
MKT-292Full-time Co-op 2: MKT
MLT-100Introduction to MLT
MLT-121Hematology/Hemostasis 1
MLT-191Part-time Co-op 1: MLT
MLT-198Phlebotomy Principals & Tech
MLT-255Clinical Microbiology
MMO-135CNC Programming
MUS-101Music of Middle Ages
MUS-102Music of 20th Century
MUS-110Jazz Appreciation
MUS-115Rock & Pop Music
NETA-115Networking Essentials
NETA-120Computer Virtualization
NETA-125Open Source Operating Sys
NETA-135IT Support Desk Concepts
NETA-155Server Administration 1
NETA-191Part-time Co-op 1: NETA
NETA-192Part-time Co-op 2: NETA
NETA-256Server Administration 2
NETA-265Server Configuration
NETA-290NETA Capstone
NETA-291Full-time Co-op 1: NETA
NETA-292Full-time Co-op 2: NETA
NETC-121Network Communications 1
NETC-122Network Communications 2
NETC-180Information Risk Mgmt
NETC-191Part-time Co-op 1: NETC
NETC-230Network Security Design
NETC-291Full-time Co-op 1: NETC
NETC-292Full-time Co-op 2: NETC
NUR-101Nursing Concepts 1
NUR-102Nursing Concepts 2
NUR-201Nursing Concepts 4
NUR-202Nursing Concepts 5
OTA-100Introduction to OTA
OTA-105OT Theory
OTA-106OT Techniques
OTA-107OTA Clinical Foundations
OTA-230OT Skills: Disabilities
OTA-231OT Media: Disabilities
OTA-233Kinesiology For OT
OTA-242OT Practice 2
OTA-280OTA Level I: Fieldwork 3
OTA-295OTA Level II Fieldwork 2
PAS-100Theory Of Baking
PAS-105Fundamentals of Baking
PAS-110Celebration Cakes
PAS-191Part-time Co-op 1: PAS
PAS-192Part-time Co-op 2: PAS
PAS-193Part-time Co-op 3: PAS
PAS-194Part-time Co-op 4: PAS
PAS-210Adv Pastry/Buffet Design
PAS-291Full-time Co-op 1: PAS
PAS-292Full-time Co-op 2: PAS
PBA-191Part-time Co-op 1: PBA
PBA-192Part-time Co-op 2: PBA
PBA-193Part-time Co-op 3: PBA
PBA-194Part-time Co-op 4: PBA
PBA-291Full-time Co-op 1: PBA
PBA-292Full-time Co-op 2: PBA
PE-112Pilates Mat
PHI-105Intro to Philosophy
PHY-110Health Physics
PHY-115Aviation Physics
PHY-151Physics 1: Algebra-Based
PHY-152Physics 2: Algebra-Based
PHY-201Physics 1: Calculus-Based
PN-101PN Concepts 1
POL-101American Government
PSC-110Earth Science
PSC-115Energy & the Environment
PSET-225Industrial Power Design
PSET-250Power T&D Design
PST-135Disaster Prep Healthcare
PSY-102Stress Management
PSY-110Intro to Psychology
PSY-200Abnormal Psychology
PSY-205Child Development
PSY-210Adolescent Development
PSY-225Lifespan Development
RE-100Real Estate Principles
RE-105Real Estate Law
RE-110RE Appraisal/Finance
REL-105World Religions
RT-100Intro to Respiratory Care
RT-101Respiratory Care 1
RT-172Cardiopulmonary A&P
RT-201RC Adv Critical Care
RT-202RC Specialties
RT-211RC Clinical Practice 3
SCM-105Principles of SCM
SCM-120Transportation Systems
SCM-191Part-time Co-op 1: SCM
SCM-192Part-time Co-op 2: SCM
SCM-193Part-time Co-op 3: SCM
SCM-194Part-time Co-op 4: SCM
SCM-210Procurement Management
SCM-291Full-time Co-op 1: SCM
SCM-292Full-time Co-op 2: SCM
SET-151C Programming 1
SET-252C Programming 2
SOC-105Intro to Sociology
SPN-101Elementary Spanish 1
SPN-102Elementary Spanish 2
SPN-201Intermediate Spanish 1
ST-100Intro to Surgical Tech
ST-101Surg Foundations 1
ST-111Surg Principles 1
ST-202Adv Surgical Procedures 2
ST-281ST Directed Practice 1
SUR-100Intro to Land Surveying
SUR-221Dendrology 1
SWK-110Intro to Social Work
SWK-200Social Welfare Policy
TC-210Scriptwriting: Long Forms
THE-105Theater Appreciation
WEB-111Web Development 1
WEB-112Web Dev 2
WEB-130Web Javascript
WEB-220Animated Web Content
WLD-100Fundamentals of Welding
WLD-105Print Reading & Welding
WLD-115GMAW and FCAW Welding
WLD-210GTAW Welding
WLD-231Pipe Welding 1
WLD-291Full-time Co-op 1: WLD
WLD-292Full-time Co-op 2: WLD

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