3 Top Jobs Hiring Now and in the Future

With the polarization of the current economy as the result of COVID-19, some businesses are permanently closing while others are starting a comeback. With so much change and uncertainty, it can be difficult to know what career path to follow. What will the future hold?

At Cincinnati State we pride ourselves on preparing our students for a successful future, and that includes helping you choose a program that will provide ample job opportunities once you have completed your courses. Cincinnati State offers degrees and certifications in several fields that are currently growing. If you are trying to decide which program to choose, one of these may be a good option. Here are three fields of study that will prepare you for a variety of in-demand positions:

  1. Financial Advisor – Again, with the global effects of COVID-19 many individuals in the past year have faced insurmountable financial issues. People are searching for assistance with short-term and long-term financials, navigating debt, and selecting investments. Currently there are not enough licensed certified professional advisors and as our population ages, there are expected to be numerous advisors retiring, opening the vault to instant opportunity.

    Cincinnati State – The variety of business associate degrees and specialized certifications available at Cincinnati State can pave the way to achieving your Certified Financial Planner designation. In some cases you could be fully invested in your future in under a year.
  2. Health Sciences Technology – Estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the health care and medical fields will be growing in excess of 30 percent in the next few years. The growing need for technological assistance in the health and medical arena includes needs for operating medical equipment, collecting samples, running analysis, and determining diagnosis of the results. 

    Cincinnati State – We offer 39 certification programs and 19 associate degree programs that are applicable to the variety of services performed by a skilled health science technologist. Layering multiple certifications across Health and Wellness, Computer, and Education and Service fields of study can diversify your aptitude or pinpoint your specification to provide more career opportunities. The flexibility of our programs makes it easy to continue your education once you are in the field, or to start the next step in your career while still holding your current job.
  3. Information Security Analysts – Growing reliance on technology in the fields of finance, medical, and commercial business means mounting opportunities for vulnerability as well as an increased need for cybersecurity. Today’s news is full of cybercrimes committed against a variety of businesses all across the country. As many corporate networks age and as more businesses work remotely, security becomes paramount. Increased accessibility equals increased vulnerability.  As these security needs develop, more jobs will be created to meet them.  Cybersecurity is a growing field that will provide many career opportunities in the near future.

    Cincinnati State – Completion of our associate’s degree in Computer Network Engineering Technology – CyberSecurity provides you with the necessary skills to protect against cybercrimes. By attacking your future now, you can attack cybercrime in two years. 

Your education at Cincinnati State enables you to target these openings now and broadens your compatibility for numerous occupational opportunities. Curious as to where all your degrees or certifications could take you?  Wondering what your next step should be? Check out Career Coach, our online tool that provides current, local data on employment opportunities, wages, education, and training required for a variety of careers. The Cincinnati State Career Center offers guidance and career counseling to fine-tune your communication skills, explore opportunities, and take command of your future.

Alternatives and variations of these three in-demand positions make the possibilities for your future endless. Get started today by meeting with our admissions team.

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