Hydraulics lab students get help from community partner

Thanks to an industry partner, students in the Mechanical Engineering Technologies course MET 240, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, were able to complete all of their hydraulics lab activities this semester even when the lab room in the Main Building was unavailable because of building repairs.

Professor Abbey Yee
Professor Abbey Yee

Professor Abbey Yee said Cincinnati State has a partnership with Hydrotech— the company that donated the hydraulic training stations used in the Clifton Campus lab.

Hydrotech welcomed MET students to the company’s West Chester location for activities that rely on access to compressed air– a key component for some lab exercises.

“We were able to move much of our needed lab equipment, like boards, valves, and cylinders, to our temporary lab set-up in the ATLC,” Abbey said.

“We needed the equipment at Hydrotech to complete hands-on activities that give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of concepts like pressure, flow, and more,” Abbey said.

In photos above and below, students are calculating the speed of a hydraulic cylinder and comparing experimental values to theoretical ones.

“Hydrotech has borrowed our lab a few times a year to conduct employee training, so we knew they would have the space and materials needed for us to carry out our lab activities this semester,” Abbey said.

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