A Career Change is possible and Cincinnati State is here to help!

Gallup’s 2022 report on the State of the Global Workplace indicates only 33% of North America’s employed are happy and engaged at work. Only 33% love what they do, and although that doesn’t mean their job is stress-free, they feel challenged and valued, leading to a stronger sense of happiness in life. Jealous? Maybe you need to find a career you love or explore your idea of a “dream job.” It’s out there – and it may be on the other side of education. But don’t let that scare you.

Here’s a look at some common fear-based mindsets many adults have about returning to college.

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Can I Afford College?

As an adult, you probably have a better handle on your finances than you did straight out of high school, so be confident! You may qualify for Financial Aid, scholarships, and grants that are available for some career paths that are in high demand! Your employer may offer tuition assistance. Your college of choice may offer payment plans. You could save money by transferring college credits you’ve already earned. The best thing to do is create a plan and follow it – knowing the payoff of higher income is on the other side of your educational goals. Most colleges offer or require Cooperative Education or work study programs through which you can make money while earning credits. And in some cases, if you chose a college with low tuition, the money you earn during co-op could be greater than the cost of tuition!

I Was Never a Great Student. How Can I Be a Successful Student Now?

You’ve been learning your whole life at the School of Hard Knocks, right? It’s just been awhile since you cracked a textbook. You are probably more aware of the best ways you learn now that you’re all grown-up. And there are so many ways to learn these days: in-class, online, lectures, videos, simulators, online resources and so much more! All this is in addition to College resources like peer tutoring, learning centers, and at a community college you may learn from faculty who work in the industry they teach. You will learn from their experience and be able to apply your own! Just be sure to ASK for the help you need – at school and at home – you’ll find all kinds of support from people who respect your decision to work hard and get a job you love.

And before you think you “can’t handle all this technology,” tell that to the super computer in your purse or pocket! You got this, and technology is going to help you do it! Online grocery shopping and meal delivery, automatic bill-pay, online wellness coaching.

How Can I Possibly Fit College into my schedule?

You have a lot going on – we all do – so realize this: a lot of adults have gone back to school and are doing it right now. You are not alone. There are pockets of time before work, lunch hours, evenings… mark it in your planner and SEE where you have blocks of time. Maybe you’d rather quit that job you hate and go to school full-time and fast track your new future.

It’s Never Too Late

Change your mindset: you’re not fearful, you’re excited! In fact, you are passionate about making a change that means you don’t have to manage your “Work / Life Balance” when you have a career you LOVE! When you are happy, challenged, and engaged you are thriving at work, at home – all over the place! And it’s waiting for you on the other side of education. You can afford it. You can learn new skills. You can manage your time. You can change your life in 2023.