Student internship at Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office provided unique learning experience

Cameron Johnson, a 2023 Associate of Arts graduate, completed his final degree requirements during Summer Semester through an internship with the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office. 

Cameron is in the photo above with Co-op Coordinator Jayne Martin Dressing (left) and Co-op Coordinator Eimee Donbar (right).

Cameron, who is a CState Accelerate participant, spent the summer shadowing defense attorneys and assisting with record keeping for appellate, felony, and expungement documents, which gave him insights into the building of a legal case. 

Cameron said prior to his internship, what he knew about the legal system came from television and movies.

“I’ve learned so much,” Cameron said. “Now I know all these new terms, and I’ve seen real people’s lives and situations. It is so much more real to me.”

Ann Ohmer, Senior Paralegal, Appellate Division, said Cameron has been “an integral part of our team. He had a chance to learn about every aspect of the court system from Youth Defense to Appellate and has made outstanding connections.” 

She added, “We hope we’ve had a great impact on his life.” 

Cameron has been accepted at the University of Cincinnati and plans to continue his education to pursue a pre-law degree.