Faces of Cincy State: Melissa Leslie

From Graduate to Employee

I graduated from Cincinnati State in 2010, with an associate’s degree from the Executive Assistant program. I came from a small high school, so I loved the class sizes at Cincinnati State. The college didn’t make me feel intimidated and the instructors knew me by name. I was able to co-op in the Registrar’s office, which made me realize I wanted to work in higher education. I then stayed on the Cincinnati State campus and in 2014 I graduated from Wilmington College, who we have an articulation agreement with, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Cincinnati State hired me in October of 2012, in the Registrar’s Office, as a Registrar Specialist – Scheduling & Grading. I now work at the Workforce Development Center as a Client Management Specialist.
~Melissa Leslie

Faces of Cincy State
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