Faces of Cincy State: Zac Ledyard

Workforce Development Center Provides Convenient Training

Jerry Whitaker, Assistant Business Manager, Workforce Development, received a call from a young man, Zac Ledyard, in late October of 2020. Zac was living in Chicago and planning on moving to Cincinnati. He was interested in attending the CNC Machine Operator 1 Program at Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center and wanted to start his career in a Machine Shop.

Mr. Whitaker contacted Molly Fender in the HR Department at Monti, Inc. regarding open positions. Zac was interviewed and hired as a Saw Operator on November 5, 2020. On April 5, 2021 Zac started in the Machine Operator 1 Program, attending school in the evening for two nights a week while continuing to work full time during the day at Monti. As Zac learned more about machining from his WDC training and on-the-job experiences, his responsibilities and compensation increased.

He quickly progressed from the saw, to operating machine tools, to programming and running CNC machine tools. His most recent transition has Zac programming and working with Cobots (Collaborative Robots). Monti utilizes Cobots and other high-tech manufacturing solutions to automate hard-to-staff tasks such as machine tending, assembly, and product inspection to optimize their production and provide a better work environment. Working with Cobots, as well as CNC machine tool programming and operation, provides Zac with a great career and future.  

Zac likes his job, makes a competitive wage, and feels appreciated. He continues to impress the management at Monti. The only thing missing for Zac is a student loan, since Monti paid his tuition. 

Kudos to Zac for maintaining a straight A average and working full time!

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