Faces of Cincy State: Chyna T. Williams

From Student To Staff

I am currently a student to staff transition, a student since 2012 and I’ve also worked at the college since 2012. Now, I am a full-time staff member in the department of Admissions working with the Welcome Center and Career Center at the Clifton campus. My goal in this role is to assist future students with their degree paths while encouraging them to further their education beyond Cincinnati State. I enjoy helping people and making them feel welcomed, accepted, and empowered to be their true and better selves and being here makes things great to be at Cincinnati State.

I attended Cincinnati State due to feeling left behind from other college experiences. I wanted to feel not only apart of a community but to also get a chance to spread my wings and really make my goals a reality. The strength of Cincinnati State has kept my spirits lifted due to having so much support and finding my voice and purpose is when I knew I chose the right place.

My goal originally was to become a social worker to help those who are counted out and I felt like it was my calling to impact individuals who want to make a difference but need guidance to do so. My goal now is to graduate from Cincinnati State with my second degree, Associate of Arts in Business Administrative Assistant, while I finish my Bachelor’s program at NKU studying Communication and Organizational leadership and finish my Masters degree in Organizational leadership at Wilmington College. I have achieved so many goals thanks to Cincinnati State that I can be an asset to the people who helped me and work with them directly now.

The best part of being a Cincinnati State student is to be part of groups on campus that not only help you connect with other students but other support groups like Student Support Services. Being a Trio alum with the help of Dr. Sandra Dees and the Transfer Center who guided me through my educational success with the help of the remarkable Dr. Myshamil Walker. They are the two examples of empowerment, grace, and lifetime student development.

Being an involved student on campus influenced my experience by letting me see first hand how I can relate to the student body and give them the power to guarantee their success in life beyond college. I was apart of Trio, Student Ambassador, BMI, WEN Empowerment (former president), Adult learners Club (former president), Leadership club, and Transfer student.

My favorite moment of being a continued student of Cincinnati State is the moment I handed my young cousin her transfer certificate while I received mine. That moment was a time travel due to being a professional student and to finally become a graduate with a family member is one for the books.

Future students as well as current students attending Cincinnati State should know that this is a community that can help guide you to better outcomes not just within 2-years, but also 4-year, and is really a life long journey. We as a college, have decided to make it our goal to let you thrive and be what you need to be to achieve what you want.

Advice I would give to new students is to believe in what you want to pursue and stick with the plan of getting things done. It is you who makes you great so let that be the motivation to stay focused and stay in tune with who you are. I am glad to be the outcome of a Cincinnati State success story and it is a blessing to now be part of the staff.

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