Faces of Cincy State: Cara Morman

Land Surveying Bachelor’s Degree Graduate

I chose to attend Cincinnati State right after high school because it is the only school in the area that was close to home and offered a land surveying degree. When I first started in the program, they did not have the Land Surveying bachelor’s degree yet, but I knew it was in the works and if it came time to look at transferring there was an easy path to follow. Cincinnati State was also super affordable, and offered a lot of scholarships through the school and the program.

The best part about being a Cincinnati State student was I was able to work part-time and go to school, graduate with experience in my field of study, and graduate debt-free.

Being involved on campus allowed me to meet new people who think differently than I do and learn how to still work together. Campus activities also allowed me to reach out in the community to volunteer and meet professionals who I would one day be working with or for. On top of that I was able to travel and compete.

Being involved in campus organizations made the whole time that I was a student more fun and helped me to grow even more. It also helped me to get jobs, because employers saw that I was involved in more than just class work. My involvement showed employers that I wanted to go beyond what I was learning in class and find other ways to learn and use my knowledge.

My advice to new students enrolling at Cincinnati State is to get involved and if you can’t, try to talk to others in your classes to get help or just to make friends. It makes the whole experience more fun when you are doing it with someone else. Some people think that you don’t get a good education at a community college, which is not true. I would argue that in the case of Cincinnati State, you could end up getting a better education because the faculty and staff care whether you succeed or not and are there to help answer questions.

I am proud to be the first and only female graduate of the Land Surveying Bachelor’s Degree program, and I am continuing on in my educational journey at the Master’s level in surveying at the University of Florida.

Faces of Cincy State
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