Faces of Cincy State: Timothy MacDonald

Timothy MacDonald

Before I got started, I had recently got laid off from my CAD Drafter job that I got fresh out of vocational school. From here, I realized I wanted to do more and further my experience so this is when I registered for classes for the Mechanical Engineering Technology and Design associates degree program. I started off full time but then dropped down to part time taking night classes because I had a family and had to work full-time while attending school. 

My overall experience at Cincinnati State was wonderful. I loved the smaller class sizes and I really grown to appreciate the resources available to ensure success. Every person that I worked with from advisors, to instructors were all super helpful. They even recommended that I get into the CAD certificate program since the curriculum followed the curriculum in CAD and this would allow me to graduate with not only my Mechancial Engineering CAD certificate along with my associates in METD.

One thing that stood out to me compared to other colleges is how “Career oriented” Cincinnati State is. When it came time to co-op, my co-op advisor had me make updates to my resume and next thing you know I was going on two and three different interviews to co-op for these companies. After my first Co-op, I took a leap of faith and decided it was time to find a job in my field. I then contracted for two companies to further my experience: one at G&W Products as a Project Engineer and then I moved on to contract at Ethicon Endo Surgery. My passion for engineering grew even stronger and then I found myself a permanent Mechanical Design Engineer job at A&P Technology. From there, the experience was great, but things didn’t work out because I didn’t fit into the company culture so my Co-Op advisor at Cincinnati State helped me find job placement.

I then got a job at Theorem Solutions from which my Co-Op advisor sent my resume to. This was where my career really took a turning point for the better. I had a year left to complete my associates degree and this company was willing to work with me until I finished my degree. My job at Theorem Solutions was a mix of applying Mechanical Engineering principles to CAD software. So it was a mix of applying Mechanical Engineering principles to software engineering. I stayed on with this company for 2-1/2 years and was promoted to a Technical Consultant position in my 2nd to last semester at Cincinnati State. 

I then graduated and walked in commencement in 2019, and then a friend recommended that I apply to Siemens. At this point, I took my degree, completion certificates from Live Oaks, and my CAD certificate from Cincy State and I applied. Theorem had sent me to the Siemens conference in Phoenix, AZ and I took this opportunity to not only represent Theorem and fulfill my responsibilities as Technical Consultant, but I used the skills Cincy State taught me to network with the GTAC team at Siemens as well since I was already around them. At this point I had already completed a phone interview and in person interview with Siemens and on the 2nd to last day at the Siemens conference, I recieved a call from the Siemens recruiter that I had got the job to be an NX Applications Engineer! This job typically requires a Bachelors degree!!

I have to give a lot of credit to Cincinnati State. I couldn’t have done it without such a great college and the skills you taught me. Attending this school opened lots and lots of doors for me and I am super blessed to be able to say that I am an Alumni of Cincinnati State and a current employee of Siemens Corporation.

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