CCP | Private and Home School Students

Students who are enrolled in private schools or who are home-schooled have additional steps public school students do not have to follow.  Below are resources to help you navigate these steps. 

Acceptance Letters:

New Students:  New students will receive their acceptance letters when they have completed the CCP application process and have been admitted to the program.  Please carefully monitor the email address provided on the CCP application for this letter, via email.  Additionally, all new students will receive a conditional acceptance letter within one week of the state deadline for funding applications.
Returning Students:  Returning students will receive their renewal acceptance letters when they have completed the CCP application renewal process.  This includes submission of a CCP Authorization Eform and transcripts.  This is NOT an automated process and will occur as the renewal documentation is processed.  Additionally, all returning students will receive a new acceptance letter within one week of the state deadline for funding applications.

Steps to Apply for Funding 2020-2021:

Ohio Department of Higher Education Key Information for Students and Families:

Letter of Intent

Private and home school students who wish to participate in the CCP Program must complete and submit a Letter of Intent.  The State provides this Letter of Intent, which is specific to the academic year, and can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website, one for Non-public (private) school students, and the other for Home schooled students

NOTE:  The State has specific websites and forms for Non-Public (private) school students and Home schooled students.  It is important you are accessing the correct website and forms. 

The Letter of Intent must be submitted to the state, per the instructions on their respective websites, by the deadlines provided therein. 

SAFE Accounts

All parents are required to establish a SAFE Account before they can apply for funding.  You can create an account anytime between Feb 15 – April 13.  The State has provided resources to help parents in establishing SAFE Accounts:

Funding Application  

Students must log into your SAFE Account and apply for College Credit Plus funding during the timeline provided by the State to cover tuition costs. The State has provided resources to help parents with the funding application process:

To complete the funding application, you will need your acceptance email from Cincinnati State.  To receive your acceptance email, please follow the steps for New or Continuing students. 

Funding Award

You will receive your funding award notification within your College Credit Plus Funding Application, located in your SAFE Account.

Once you receive your award notification, you MUST provide this notification to Cincinnati State for billing purposes.  Please email your award notifications to Sue Kowalski at at your earliest convenience.

NOTE:  Students who do not remit their award notifications to Sue Kowalski will be direct billed by the Bursar. 

Un-Funded or Under Funded Students

Cincinnati State is pleased to offer the same greatly reduced CCP tuition rate to all non-public and home schooled students, regardless of their awarded hours.  Therefore, if you are un-funded or under-funded by the State, you can still participate in the CCP program at the same reduced CCP tuition rate and enjoy the benefits of the CCP program, including waived fees.  Additional information about the default tuition rates can be found in the FAQ’s section of the Ohio Department of Higher Education College Credit Plus website.