Academic Advisor adds effectiveness to Cincinnati State’s remote operations

Eileen Lanzillotta, an academic advisor in the Health & Public Safety Division (seen above in her multi-screen remote office) has organized “unofficial” training for several other advisors since the College moved all Spring Semester 2020 services to remote delivery. According to advisor/co-op coordinator Linda Romero-Smith, “Eileen keeps us all in the loop with new information she discovers.”

Eileen’s professionalism and student focus has inspired other advisors to apply new tools and techniques for working with students in the College’s all-remote services environment that  emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Linda said, “Whenever I have a question– which unfortunately is often– Eileen responds and shares methods, failures, and successes that save the rest of us time and energy.”

“Eileen has recommended steps I might not have thought of to maintain the highest level of confidentiality in remote advising, and has shared many folders of information she built for advising effectively while working remotely,” Linda added.

Linda concluded, “Eileen is simply amazing!”